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Reagent:Deep Mushroom

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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A Deep Mushroom
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price2 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 417532
5 - 912328
10 - 248825
25 - 397021
40 - 746018
75 - 1244914
125 - 1593911
160 - 224339
225 - 299287
300 - 399255
400 - 499214
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Adept's Poetic Laurel
Arctic Cowl of the Maelstrom
Blazing Hat of the Opus
Bleak Cipher Shroud
Blustery Hat of Legend
Bright Eidolon Mantle
Brisk Cap of Loyalty
Burning Hood of the Wind
Cap of Searing Justice
Cap of the Final Embers
Chill Cowl of the Cyclone
Chilled Coif of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Hood
Cowl of Mordant Myth
Cowl of Twin Thunder
Cowl of the Lost Order
Crackling Cowl of Eternity
Fair Hat of Ardor
Frosty Hat of Felicity
Frosty Hood of the Hearth
Frozen Opus Cowl
Glimmering Hat of Neutrality
Hat of Gallows Humor
Hat of the Harmonious Soul
Hood of Fearful Symmetry
Hood of the Icy Antithesis
Hood of the Icy Elegy
Lost Harmony Hat
Mantle of the Lost Torrent
Radiant Veil of Exuberance
Scorched Cowl of the Chill
Singed Hood of Vigor
Smoldering Cap of Ash
Snowy Shroud of Sorrow
Soul Legend Cap
Soulful Cap of the Grave
Thundering Hat of Neutrality
Veil of the Missing Answer
Vigorous Cap of the Squall
Vivid Crown of the Mirage
Windswept Hood of the Glacier
Zealous Cap of the Gale
Zesty Hat of the Blizzard
Adept's Devious Toga
Arctic Robe of the Maelstrom
Armor of the Other Lizard
Blazing Tunic of the Opus
Bleak Cipher Jerkin
Blustery Robe of Legend
Bright Eidolon Cloak
Brisk Coat of Loyalty
Burning Coat of the Wind
Chill Jacket of the Cyclone
Chilled Cloak of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Garment
Cloak of Fearful Symmetry
Cloak of the Harmonious Soul
Coat of Mordant Myth
Crackling Smock of Eternity
Drape of the Missing Answer
Fair Cloak of Ardor
Frosty Coat of the Hearth
Frosty Robe of Felicity
Frozen Opus Tunic
Glimmering Coat of Neutrality
Longcoat of the Final Embers
Lost Harmony Jacket
Radiant Cloak of Exuberance
Raiment of the Lost Order
Robe of Searing Justice
Robe of the Lost Torrent
Robes of the Blazing Sun
Scorched Cloak of the Chill
Singed Surcoat of Vigor
Smoldering Tunic of Ash
Snowy Smock of Sorrow
Soul Legend Coat
Soulful Longcoat of the Grave
Surcoat of Twin Thunder
Thundering Jacket of Neutrality
Tunic of the Icy Antithesis
Tunic of the Icy Elegy
Vestment of Gallows Humor
Vigorous Cloak of the Squall
Vivid Coat of the Mirage
Windswept Coat of the Glacier
Zealous Tunic of the Gale
Zesty Robe of the Blizzard
Adept's Guiding Sandals
Ancestral Death Foot Dress
Arctic Wraps of the Maelstrom
Blazing Boots of the Opus
Bleak Cipher Striders
Blustery Shoes of Legend
Boots of Searing Justice
Boots of the Desert Trader
Boots of the Lost Torrent
Boots of the Missing Answer
Bright Eidolon Boots
Brisk Boots of Loyalty
Burning Slippers of the Wind
Chill Footwear of the Cyclone
Chilled Boots of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Footwraps
Crackling Footwraps of Eternity
Double Rainbow Boots
Fair Footgear of Ardor
Footgear of the Lost Order
Footwraps of Twin Thunder
Frosted Mantis Footgear
Frosty Boots of the Hearth
Frosty Footwraps of Felicity
Frozen Opus Sandals
Glimmering Boots of Neutrality
Lost Harmony Footgear
Mantis Boots of Foreboding
Radiant Wraps of Exuberance
Sandals of the Final Embers
Scorched Shoes of the Chill
Shoes of Gallows Humor
Shoes of the BargainHunter
Shoes of the Harmonious Soul
Shoes of the Icy Antithesis
Shoes of the Icy Elegy
Shoes of the Ill-Fated
Singed Boots of Vigor
Smoldering Sandals of Ash
Snowy Sandals of Sorrow
Soul Legend Boots
Soulful Footwear of the Grave
Striders of Fearful Symmetry
Thundering Boots of Neutrality
Trader's Footgear of Dread
Vigorous Boots of the Squall
Vivid Boots of the Mirage
Walkers of Mordant Myth
Windswept Boots of the Glacier
World Stepping Boots … further results
Adept's Spear of Havoc
Athame of Infinity
Changeling Knife
Conundrum Blade
Imperial Blade
Knife of Amendment
Lifebringer's Athame
Poniard of Gallantry
Stiletto of Prowess
Wish Blade
Band of Incentive
Coruscating Ring
Jewel of Identity
Ring of Elation
Signet of Aptitude
Alchemy 101
Arched Tombstone
Blue Silk Kimono
Blue Wall Tapestry
Bolted Boards
Book Collection
Brick-Walled Pond
Broken Jail Cell
Chipped Wood
Crimson Decorative Wall Fan
Crimson Scroll Stand
Dark Stone Fence
Deck the Halls Theme
Door Double Magic Castle Block
Egg Basket
Ferocious Ninja Scroll
Floor Md Long Azteca Block
Floor Sm Wood Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Castle Block
Floor-Ceiling Sm Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling XS Wood Block
Grassy Mound
Green Decorative Wall Fan
Horned Endtable
Large Keeper Multi-Tank
Large Starry Tent
Lg Flr-Clg Azteca Block A
Magenta Decorative Wall Fan
Model Pagoda Tower
Model Watch Tower
Moon Banner
Mossy Bamboo Obelisk
Narrow Stairs-CL Castle Block
Ornate Burrower Chair
Roof Slanted Castle Block
Roof-Floor B Castle Block
Seed Vault
Small Shroom
Staircase Azteca Block A
Stone Sun Door Azteca Block
Tall Small Fry Multi-Tank
Tapestry to Aeriel Shores
Tapestry to Bazaar
Tapestry to Jade Palace
Tapestry to School of Death
Tapestry to School of Myth
Tapestry to School of Storm
Tapestry to Zocalo
Turquoise Decorative Wall Fan … further results
Transmute Mandrake
Transmute Nightshade
Transmute Parchment
Ice Cream
Treasure Cards:
Blood Bat
Ice Wyvern
Locust Swarm
Mend Minion
Power Play
Siphon Health
Skeletal Pirate
Spirit Trap
Storm Shark

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