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Reagent:Bronze Gear

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Card image
Card Text
A small Bronze Gear
Sell Price3 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 425045
5 - 917540
10 - 2412535
25 - 3910030
40 - 748525
75 - 1247020
125 - 1595515
160 - 2244813
225 - 2994010
300 - 399358
400 - 499305
Can Transmute Using:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Bleak Cipher Shroud
Blighted Hat of the Mirage
Cap of Grim Elan
Cap of the Grimfreeze
Charnel Rain Cowl
Cowl of the Gleaming Havoc
Crackling Cowl of Eternity
Desolate Hood of Vigor
Dreambrand Headwrap
Emberflood Cap
Firetide Topper
Frosted Cap of Legend
Frostguard Hood
Frostmourn Cowl
Frostsage Cowl
Gloomchill Mantle
Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim
Hailstone Hood
Hat of Gallows Humor
Hat of the Harmonious Soul
Hood of Icy Composure
Hood of the Funeral Pyre
Icebark Hood
Icebloom Hood
Savannah Dreams Headwrap
Smoldering Cap of Ash
Snowy Shroud of Sorrow
Soulful Cap of the Grave
Stormtide Mantle
Thunderchill Hood
Vivid Hat of Discovery
Ananse's Great Storied Robes
Bright Wing Robes
Brisk Coat of Loyalty
Burning Bitey Cloak
Cloak of Fearful Symmetry
Cloak of Life's Cycle
Cloak of the Catacombs
Coat of the Burning Principle
Coat of the Ice Scale
Duskwind Tunic
Embermuse Robe
Fair Cloak of Ardor
Fire Valley Chief's Garb
Glimmering Coat of Neutrality
Glowmuse Uniform
Great Adventurer's Epic Coat
Guard of the Sun Fire Armor
Hornbound Tunic
Horned Vestment
Ingonyama's Burning Robe
Jerkin of Derring-Do
Longcoat of the Fair Winds
Longdreamer's Smoking Skin
Lorestream Cloak
Lost Harmony Jacket
Merrygale Coat
Mischievous Chac's Armor
Neverwinter Raiment
New Fire Chac's Armor
Poet's Robe
Prideful Cloak of Stormkings
Raiment of Embassy
Raiment of the Lost Order
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Armor
Robes of the Blazing Sun
Sagadeep Robe
Sages Cloak of Honor
Steady Vestment of Woe
Stormfire Vestments
Stormflower Longcoat
Surging Tunic of Wisdom
Thunderblight Vestment
Thundering Jacket of Neutrality
Thundermuse Tunic
Thundersight Vestment
Valiant Plate
Versatile Cloak of the Haze
Vigilant Horizon Robe
Winterdream Vestment
Woodland Tribal Coat … further results
Boots of Answered Questions
Boots of Searing Justice
Bright Eidolon Boots
Fairmuse Slippers
Fire Typhoon Boots
Fireleaf Footwear
Flaming Sandals of the Tomb
Flaming Shoes of Fable
Footwraps of Fiery Zest
Frostleaf Walkers
Frostsoul Boots
Frosty Boots of the Hearth
Gentlewise Boots
Grimfancy Footguards
Lifedream Stalkers
Raintree Footguards
Sandals of the Arctic Flame
Sandals of the Final Embers
Scorched Shoes of the Chill
Shadowsong Boots
Shoes of the Fireblizzard
Silvertongue Sandals
Singed Boots of Vigor
Smoldering Boots of Equity
Soulburner Footwraps
Vigorous Wraps of Invention
Visionquest Footwear
Windsoul Footwear
Windswept Boots of the Glacier
Argent Rose Seal
Heroic Torc
Sunbright Savannah Necklace
Mandibles of Maelstroms
Spine of the Dragon
Tooth of the Serpent
Band of the Great Apes
Circle of Lion's Honor
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring
Elephant's Tusked Loop
Lion's Seal of Pride
Olyphant's War Ring
Seal of Might
Shield Circle of Zamunda
Signet of the Sand Devil
Barkingham Palace Tapestry
Bright Stone Tower
Broken Jail Cell
Bumbler Bed
Bumbler Bench
Bumbler End Table
Bumbler Honeycomb Table
Bumbler Throne
Carved Atlatl
Carved Stone Pedestal
Carved Stone Tower
Crenellation Castle Block
Cuckoo Clock
Door Double Magic Castle Block
Door Single Azteca Block
Door Single Castle Block
Floor Md Long Azteca Block
Floor Sm Wood Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Castle Block
Floor-Ceiling Sm Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling XS Wood Block
Large Astral Tent
Lg Flr-Clg Azteca Block A
Male Mannequin
Narrow Stairs-CL Castle Block
Outer Yard Tapestry
Roof Slanted Castle Block
Ship in a Bottle
Staircase Azteca Block A
Staircase Azteca Block D
Stairs-Ceiling Castle Block
Stone Brazier
Stone Sun Door Azteca Block
Torii-Backed Chair
Tower Corner Top Castle Block
Tower Music Box
Toy Train Set
Vault-Backed Chair
Wall Crenulation Azteca Block
Wall Lg Azteca Block
Wall Lg Castle Block
Water Fountain
Wooden Wall Clock
Wooden Water Tower
Digmoore Pogo Stick
Transmute Bone
Nutty Candy Bar
Brimstone Revenant
Treasure Cards:
Skeletal Pirate
Spectral Blast
Time of Legend
Volcanic Shield

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