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Reagent:Blood Moss

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Card image
Card Text
Some Blood Moss
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price25 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 41500270
5 - 91050240
10 - 24750210
25 - 39600180
40 - 74510150
75 - 124420120
125 - 15933090
160 - 22428575
225 - 29924060
300 - 39921045
400 - 49918030
Found as a Rare Harvest from Red Mandrake in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Adventure Talent Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Adept's Devious Mantle
Adept's Judicial Laurel
Adept's Laurel of Truth
Adept's Mantle of Winter
Adept's Poetic Laurel
Adept's Radiant Laurel
Adept's Raincloud Mantle
Bitter Chieftain's Helm
Helm of Radiance Reborn
Mantle of Gliders' Acumen
Phantom Devotee's Helm
Adept's Devious Toga
Adept's Judicial Toga
Adept's Poetic Toga
Adept's Radiant Toga
Adept's Raincloud Toga
Adept's Stirring Toga
Adept's Wintry Toga
Barbaric Jerkin
Chief's Garb of the Cold
Cloak of the Great Spirits
Double Rainbow Robes
Great Lionfriend's Jacket
High Road Surcoat
Longcoat of the Wold
Pachyderm's Hearty Robes
Valiant Plate
Woodwarden's Outfit
Adept's Devious Sandals
Adept's Guiding Sandals
Adept's Judicial Shoes
Adept's Poetic Boots
Adept's Radiant Sandals
Adept's Raincloud Shoes
Adept's Wintry Sandals
Boots of Balefrost
Boots of Peerage
Boots of the Nova Tower
Boots of the Wold
Cryptchill Sandals
Dawngrave Strollers
Dreamfire Sandals
Dreamwarden Boots
Duskfire Sandals
Emberflood Shoes
Evenbloom Striders
Everfrost Footgear
ExaltedBlade's Gliders
Fairmuse Slippers
Firebleak Striders
Firebloom Walkers
Firefrost Boots
Firetide Striders
Flamesign Shoes
Flarefrost Footwraps
Floodfire Boots
Frostguard Boots
Frostleaf Walkers
Frostsage Boots
Gloomchill Boots
Gloomsaga Striders
Glowmuse Slippers
Greaves of the Banneret
Grimfancy Footguards
Heart of Cold Hikers
Honorbane Boots
Icebark Striders
Icycalm Climbers
Knightly Boots
Lifedream Stalkers
Lorestream Striders
Merciful Striders
Necrosoul Sandals
Sagadeep Footguards
Scatterbloom Boots
Shoes of Pain and Fear
Shrine Guardian's Footgear
Sorrowscale Footwear … further results
Longshadow's Vial of Gloom
Moon's Grace Necklace
Necklace of the Lizard King
Raven's Shadow Necklace
Adept's Charred Spear
Adept's Spear of Destiny
Adept's Spear of Fortitude
Adept's Spear of Havoc
Adept's Spear of Valor
Adept's Spear of the Bitter Cold
Adept's Windstorm Spear
Defender of the Night Lords
Heart of Darkness
Winter's Guardian Axe
Blade of the PhantomKnight
Argent Rose Ring
Band of Desert Mirages
Desert Stone of Gall
Die Another Day Ring
Dzorak's Ring of Shivers
Hopper Ring of Spine-Chills
Hopper Ring of Visions
Kinsman's Bond
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Ring of Desert Blazes
Ring of the Day's Death
Ring of the Diabolica
Seal of the Exemplar
Signet of the Sand Devil
Stone of the Wave Tamer
Three-Lobed Seal
Zed's Ring of the Dead
Zelda's Signet of Guidance
Alchemy 101
Azteca Archway
Bumbler Honey Box
Crab Claw Statue
Crimson Book Stand
Crystal Caves Tapestry
Customizable Chalkboard
Decorative Gong
Exquisite Dining Table
Jar of Mandrake
Large Astral Tent
Large Keeper Aquarium
Professor Ambrose
Tall Bumbler Vase
Tapestry to Nightside
Deer Knight
Keeper of the Flame
Ninja Piglets
Queen Calypso (Spell)
Treasure Cards:

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