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Card image
Card Text
A small Amethyst
Sell Price1 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 47514
5 - 95312
10 - 243811
25 - 39309
40 - 74268
75 - 124216
125 - 159175
160 - 224144
225 - 299123
300 - 399112
400 - 49992
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Arctic Cowl of the Maelstrom
Burning Hood of the Wind
Chimerical Flux Hood
Coif of the Fair Winds
Cowl of Twin Thunder
Cowl of the Icy Deep
Cowl of the Spirit Stream
Dreambrand Headwrap
Duskwind Hat
Emberflood Cap
Firetide Topper
Floodfire Hood
Lorestream Hat
Mantle of the Lost Torrent
Merrygale Headwrap
Mythic Cap of the Shore
Rainy Veil of the Lacuna
Sagadeep Cowl
Sorrowstream Hood
Stormflower Shroud
Stormtide Mantle
Surging Hood of Wisdom
Thunderblight Hood
Thunderchill Hood
Thundering Hood of Stasis
Thundersight Cap
Thunderward Cap
Windsoul Hat
Zealous Cap of the Gale
Arctic Robe of the Maelstrom
Burning Coat of the Wind
Chimerical Flux Garment
Cloak of the Gleaming Havoc
Dreambrand Longcoat
Duskwind Tunic
Emberflood Coat
Firetide Overcoat
Floodfire Coat
Glider's Starfall Armor
Jerkin of the Spirit Stream
Longcoat of the Fair Winds
Lorestream Cloak
Merrygale Coat
Mythic Coat of the Shore
Rainy Coat of the Lacuna
Robe of the Icy Deep
Robe of the Lost Torrent
Sagadeep Robe
Sorrowstream Tunic
Stormflower Longcoat
Stormtide Vestment
Surcoat of Twin Thunder
Surging Tunic of Wisdom
Thunderblight Vestment
Thunderchill Cloak
Thundering Coat of Stasis
Thundersight Vestment
Thunderward Cloak
Windsoul Raiment
Zealous Tunic of the Gale
Arctic Wraps of the Maelstrom
Boots of the Icy Deep
Boots of the Lost Torrent
Burning Slippers of the Wind
Chimerical Flux Footwraps
Dreambrand Footwraps
Duskwind Shoes
Emberflood Shoes
Firetide Striders
Floodfire Boots
Footwraps of Twin Thunder
Lorestream Striders
Merrygale Shoes
Mythic Cloak of the Shore
Rainy Waders of the Lacuna
Sagadeep Footguards
Sandals of the Spirit Stream
Slippers of the Gleaming Havoc
Sorrowstream Boots
Stormflower Boots
Stormtide Sandals
Striders of the Fair Winds
Surging Sandals of Wisdom
Thunderblight Striders
Thunderchill Striders
Thundering Boots of Stasis
Thundersight Footgear
Thunderward Footwraps
Windsoul Footwear
Zealous Shoes of the Gale
Pendant of Pandemonium
Mandibles of Maelstroms
Barkingham Palace Tapestry
Conga Drum
Deck the Halls Theme
Deep Sea Music Maker
Diving Helmet
Door Single Magic Azteca Block
Door Single Magic Castle Block
Dragon's Roost Player
Floor Sm Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor XS Castle Block
Floor-Ceiling XS Castle Block
Jar of Mandrake
Jar of Mushrooms
Large Small Fry Aquarium
Lattice Cherry Pie
Outrigger Paddles
Roof Slanted Castle Block
Rootbeer Cask
Sandwich Station
Sm Flr-Clg Azteca Block A
Storm Obelisk
Storm Stone Fence
Storm Stone Pedestal
Storm Tablet
Tapestry to Bazaar
Tapestry to School of Storm
Tea Set
Untidy Bookshelf
Water-Mole Plate
Pet Jewel of Storm
Storm Jewel 15
Storm Jewel 15 - 25
Storm Jewel 15 - 35
Cherry Pie
Chocolate Donut
French Fries
Honey Tombs Cereal
Huge Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Rice Wispies Cereal
Rock Candy
Sizzle Smacks Cereal
Spicy Popcorn
Tomato Soup
Treasure Cards:
Elemental Blade
Elemental Trap
Glacial Shield
Storm Shield
Thunder Snake
Volcanic Shield

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