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Reagent:Agave Leaves

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Note: Wizards will receive the two Agave Leaves in the Quest, Making the Grade, by completing the first goal.

Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A few Agave Leaves
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price2 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 417532
5 - 912328
10 - 248825
25 - 397021
40 - 746018
75 - 1244914
125 - 1593911
160 - 224339
225 - 299287
300 - 399255
400 - 499214
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Transcendent Frostfall Laurel
Transcendent Laurel of Demise
Transcendent Laurel of Sparks
Transcendent Laurel of Wisdom
Transcendent Monsoon Laurel
Transcendent Noble Laurel
Transcendent Spirited Laurel
Ancestral Death Raiment
Armor of the Cold Sun Pyramid
Armor of the Other Lizard
Bright Wing Robes
Cloak of the Hungry Dead
Coat of Pain and Fear
Cold House Chac Armor
Dark House Robes
Garb of the Jade Wing
Guard of the Sun Fire Armor
High Theropod Raiment
Hungry Night Robes
Laughing Skull Wrap
Lizard House Warrior Armor
Lost World Armor
Mischievous Chac's Armor
New Fire Chac's Armor
Philosoraptor's High Robes
Prince of the Sky Robes
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Armor
Robe of the Grim Calacas
Robes of the Ceiba Tree
Robes of the Three Spirits
Royal Storm Tunic of Azteca
Sky Dreamer Raiment
Transcendent Frostfall Toga
Transcendent Monsoon Toga
Transcendent Noble Toga
Transcendent Spirited Toga
Transcendent Toga of Demise
Transcendent Toga of Sparks
Transcendent Toga of Wisdom
Tyrant of Winter's Armor
Underworld Chac's Armor
Underworld Garb of Fear
Ancestral Death Foot Dress
Boots of the Cold Sun Pyramid
Boots of the Grim Calacas
Boots of the Other Lizard
Bright Wing Boots
Cold House Chac Boots
Flower Warrior Striders
Laughing Skull Boots
Lizard House Warrior Boots
Lords of Night Mocassins
Lost Pyramid Walkers
Lost World Claws
New Fire Chac's Footguards
Philosoraptor's High Wraps
Prince of the Sky Footgarb
Shoes of Pain and Fear
Sky Dreamer Dancers
Striders of the Jade Wing
Transcendent Frostfall Shoes
Transcendent Monsoon Sandals
Transcendent Noble Sandals
Transcendent Shoes of Demise
Transcendent Shoes of Wisdom
Transcendent Sparking Sandals
Transcendent Spirited Shoes
Underworld Chac's Walkers
Walkers of the Hungry Dead
Wraps of the Ceiba Tree
Green Venom of Mother Snake
Transcendent Cyclone Spear
Transcendent Numbing Spear
Transcendent Scalding Spear
Transcendent Spear of Guile
Transcendent Spear of Nerve
Transcendent Spear of Wits
Transcendent Stout Spear
Cinnabar Calendar Ring
Circle of the Lords of Night
Coatl Earth Mother's Ring
Long Count Ring
Ring of Xibalba
Silver and Jade Serpent Seal
Sky Knight's Challenge Ring
Avian Bed
Azteca Archway
Azteca Cart
Azteca Scaffolding
Beastman Chair
Beastman Seat
Bumbler Bed
Bumbler Bench
Bumbler End Table
Bumbler Honey Jar
Bumbler Honey Pot
Bumbler Honeycomb Table
Bumbler Throne
Burrower Bed
Eagle War Shield
Gold and Azure Chest
Stout Bumbler Honey Pot
Transmute Agave Nectar
Treasure Cards:

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