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Reagent:Aethyr Dust

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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
Dust from an Aethyr Burst
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price30 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 43000540
5 - 92100480
10 - 241500420
25 - 391200360
40 - 741020300
75 - 124840240
125 - 159660180
160 - 224570150
225 - 299480120
300 - 39942090
400 - 49936060
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Quest Reward From:

Granted by Interacting With:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Alphoi Brigadier Helm
Alphoi Charger Helm
Alphoi Commander Helm
Alphoi Defender Helm
Alphoi Guerilla Helm
Alphoi Saboteur Helm
Alphoi Sovereign Mantle
Alphoi Trooper Helm
Alphoi Warrior Helm
Aristocratic Alphoi Mantle
Fierce Alphoi Mantle
Haughty Alphoi Mantle
Imperious Alphoi Mantle
Lofty Alphoi Mantle
Proud Alphoi Mantle
Stubborn Alphoi Mantle
Alphoi Brigadier Armor
Alphoi Charger Armor
Alphoi Commander Armor
Alphoi Defender Armor
Alphoi Guerilla Armor
Alphoi Saboteur Armor
Alphoi Sovereign Surcoat
Alphoi Trooper Armor
Alphoi Warrior Armor
Aristocratic Alphoi Surcoat
Fierce Alphoi Surcoat
Haughty Alphoi Surcoat
Imperious Alphoi Surcoat
Lofty Alphoi Surcoat
Proud Alphoi Surcoat
Stubborn Alphoi Surcoat
Alphoi Brigadier Boots
Alphoi Charger Boots
Alphoi Commander Boots
Alphoi Defender Boots
Alphoi Guerilla Boots
Alphoi Saboteur Boots
Alphoi Sovereign Boots
Alphoi Trooper Boots
Alphoi Warrior Boots
Aristocratic Alphoi Boots
Fierce Alphoi Boots
Haughty Alphoi Boots
Imperious Alphoi Boots
Lofty Alphoi Boots
Proud Alphoi Boots
Stubborn Alphoi Boots
Alphoi Brigadier Medallion
Alphoi Charger Medallion
Alphoi Commander Medallion
Alphoi Defender Medallion
Alphoi Guerilla Medallion
Alphoi Saboteur Medallion
Alphoi Trooper Medallion
Alphoi Warrior Medallion
Alphoi Brigadier Glaive
Alphoi Charger Glaive
Alphoi Commander Glaive
Alphoi Defender Glaive
Alphoi Guerilla Glaive
Alphoi Saboteur Glaive
Alphoi Trooper Glaive
Alphoi Warrior Glaive
Alphoi Brigadier Knife
Alphoi Charger Knife
Alphoi Commander Knife
Alphoi Defender Knife
Alphoi Guerilla Knife
Alphoi Saboteur Knife
Alphoi Trooper Knife
Alphoi Warrior Knife
Alphoi Brigadier Ring
Alphoi Charger Ring
Alphoi Commander Ring
Alphoi Defender Ring
Alphoi Guerilla Ring
Alphoi Saboteur Ring
Alphoi Trooper Ring
Alphoi Warrior Ring
Aero Dwarf Bookshelf
Aero Dwarf Trunk
Aero Dwarf Worktable
Barrel with Cork
Beastman Chair
Beastman Seat
Fire Dwarf Box
Ice Dwarf Box
Kalamar Bed
Kalamar Bookshelf
Kalamar Chest
Nimbari Bed
Nimbari Bookshelf
Nimbari Sofa
Raider Banner
Raider Table
Small Shroom
Tapestry to Aeriel Shores
Transmute Aethyr Ore
Treasure Cards:

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