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Card image
Card Text
A piece of Aether
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price35 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 43500630
5 - 92450560
10 - 241750490
25 - 391400420
40 - 741190350
75 - 124980280
125 - 159770210
160 - 224665175
225 - 299560140
300 - 399490105
400 - 49942070
Found as a Rare Harvest from Kelp or Shell in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Downpour Laurel
Artisan's Laurel of Vigor
Ashen Snow Hood
Balanced Brimstone Brim
Bone Chilling Brim
Burnt Hood of Balance
Cap of Tragic Tolerance
Coalescent Ice Cap
Coif of Living Legend
Darkstorm Topper
Dire Chieftain's Helm
Electric Chieftain's Helm
Epic Ice Mantle
Everlasting Thunder Cap
Fabled Brim of Bane
Facade of Natural Law
Face of the Lords of Night
Fantastic Coif of Equity
Fatal Cowl of Fables
Firedreamer's Helmet
Forgotten Fire Helm
Frozen Breath Shroud
Frozen Helm of Harmony
Frozen Tale Topper
Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim
Harmonious Heart Helm
Haunted Helm of Parity
Helm of Pure Ice
Howling Headdress of Fire
Hungry Night Mask
Ice Burnt Helmet
Illusive Flame Topper
Lamented Life Mask
Lawful Thunder Hood
Legendary Life Helm
Mask of Cold Chaos
Mask of Mutual Mystery
Mask of Secret Storms
Mask of Turbulent Tales
Mischievous Chac's Crown
Noble Explorer's Safari Hat
Pyro's Carefree Cap
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Hood
Scorched Coif of Sorrow
Snowstorm Cover
Soulsearing Headdress
Spirited Cowl of Chaos
Stormstrife Hat
Surging Spirit Helm
Thunderfair Headdress … further results
Ananse's Great Storied Robes
Artisan's Frigid Toga
Artisan's Scholarly Toga
Burnt Uniform of Balance
Chief's Garb of Blight
Chief's Garb of the Gale
Costume of Cold Curses
Everlasting Thunder Tunic
Fatal Raiment of Fables
Forgotten Fire Armor
Frozen Armor of Harmony
Great Adventurer's Epic Coat
Ice Burnt Armor
Illusive Flame Robe
Lawful Thunder Jerkin
Lost World Armor
Poet's Robe
Prideful Cloak of Stormkings
Prince of the Sky Robes
Raiment of Blazing Bolts
Royal Storm Tunic of Azteca
Scorched Smock of Sorrow
Sky Dreamer Raiment
Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak
Transcendent Noble Toga
Transcendent Spirited Toga
Uniform of Secret Storms
Vile Armor of Versatility
Wintersoul Outfit
Artisan's Downpour Shoes
Artisan's Shoes of Embers
Balanced Brimstone Boots
Bone Chilling Footguards
Boots of Living Legend
Boots of Sanctuary
Boots of Tragic Tolerance
Boots of the Grim Calacas
Coalescent Ice Boots
Cursed Clogs of Curiosity
Double Rainbow Boots
Eloquent Sandals
Eye of the Storm Guards
Footguards of Pure Ice
Forgotten Fire Striders
Gravestorm Walkers
Harmonious Heart Greaves
Haunted Versatility Walkers
Hungry Night Wraps
Mukluks of Mutual Mystery
Philosoraptor's High Wraps
Prince of the Sky Footgarb
Riders of the Storm Rangers
Soulsearing Striders
Spirited Stalkers of Chaos
Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads
Stalkers of Humility
Stormfire Rangers
Torrential Storm Striders
Transcendent Shoes of Demise
Transcendent Shoes of Wisdom
Tyrant of Winter's Boots
Vassal's Footwraps
Walkers of Natural Law
Walkers of Turbulent Tales
Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers
Wraps of the Catacombs
Empowered Talisman
Iceblade Vial
Pearl of the Elementals
Shaka's Tamed Serpent Choker
Smashing Claw Charm
Smoking Vial
Triton's Torc
Ursine Gold Band
Valor's Blood Necklace
Vial of Judgement
Arcana of the Solar Arch
DuneFather's Set
Elder's Hand of Unity
PatternDancer's Hand
Pyramid Deck of the Moon
Resolute Deck
Sub Zero Deck
The ArcaneArchitect's Set
The BlazingWind's Arcana
The OneWhoKnows' Tarot
Artisan's Cold Heart Spear
Artisan's Spear of Insight
Dawn of the Reaping Season
Everlasting Staff
Fragment of a Dream
Heart of Darkness
Heart of Ember and Ash
Lost Horizon
Rod of Rime
Root of Spring
Scales of Time
Soul of Winter
Staff of Stasis
Storied Spyglass
Transcendent Spear of Nerve
Transcendent Stout Spear
Trident of Typhoons
Volcanic Staff
Wicked Wand
Winter's Guardian Axe
Blade of the PhantomKnight
Dirk of Defense
Hopper's Claw of Verglas
Mandibles of Maelstroms
Sandstone Claw of Vitality
Circle of the Lords of Night
Cosmic Band
Dazzling Celestian Ring
Diplomatic Ring
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring
Dzorak's Ring of Shivers
Ethereal Ring
Olyphant's War Ring
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Sorcerer's Signet
Bumbler Honey Bowl
Burrower Heavy Weapon Rack
Burrower Light Weapon Rack
Celestian Crescent Artifact
Celestian Magician Statue
Celestian Sconce
Celestian Warrior Statue
Celestian Wishing Well
Cephalopod Obelisk
Conga Drum
Customizable Marleybone Sign
Diving Helmet
Leaning Palm Tree
Magic Mirror
Skinny Tiki Totem
Spirit Caller Drum
Tapestry to Crab Alley
Tiki Statue
Balance Whirlwind
Death Whirlwind
Fire Whirlwind
Ice Whirlwind
Life Whirlwind
Myth Whirlwind
Storm Whirlwind
Treasure Cards:
Cat Bandit
Ninja Pig
Storm Lord

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