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Card image
Card Text
A small Acorn
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price10 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 41000180
5 - 9700160
10 - 24500140
25 - 39400120
40 - 74340100
75 - 12428080
125 - 15922060
160 - 22419050
225 - 29916040
300 - 39914030
400 - 49912020
Found as a Rare Harvest from Mist Wood in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Baobab's Spirit Hood
Deadly Jungle Hood
Helm of the Banneret
Savannah Dreams Headwrap
Steady Chieftain's Helm
Armor of Grandiosity
Chief's Garb of Honor
Garb of the Jade Wing
Knightly Armor
Plate of Peerage
Raiment of Embassy
Robes of the Ceiba Tree
Vassal's Longcoat
Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots
Arctic Wraps of the Maelstrom
Blazing Boots of the Opus
Blazing Cheetah's Gliders
Bleak Cipher Striders
Blustery Shoes of Legend
Boots of Grandiosity
Boots of Searing Justice
Boots of Starfire
Boots of the Fifth Column
Boots of the Lost Torrent
Boots of the Missing Answer
Boots of the Power Play
Bright Eidolon Boots
Brisk Boots of Loyalty
Burning Slippers of the Wind
Chill Footwear of the Cyclone
Chilled Boots of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Footwraps
Crackling Footwraps of Eternity
Double Rainbow Boots
Fair Footgear of Ardor
Footgear of the Lost Order
Footwraps of Twin Thunder
Frosty Boots of the Hearth
Frosty Footwraps of Felicity
Frozen Opus Sandals
Glimmering Boots of Neutrality
Impala's Graceful Dancers
Lost Harmony Footgear
Mantis Boots of Foreboding
Mantis Striders of Triumph
Merchant's Chill Boots
Merciful Striders
Pachyderm's Robust Boots
Radiant Wraps of Exuberance
Sandals of the Final Embers
Scorched Shoes of the Chill
Shoes of Gallows Humor
Shoes of the Harmonious Soul
Shoes of the Icy Antithesis
Shoes of the Icy Elegy
Singed Boots of Vigor
Smoldering Sandals of Ash
Snowy Sandals of Sorrow
Soul Legend Boots
Soulful Footwear of the Grave
Spider's Deadly Dancers
Striders of Fearful Symmetry
Striders of the RunningOne … further results
Northwind's Shielding Charm
Raven Spirit Necklace
The Edge of the Green
Celestian Edge
Courtly Dirk
Glistening Edge
Horn-Handled Knife
Immortal Blade
Knight's Blade
Lion King's Razor Claw
Olyphant's Storied Scimitar
Revered Dagger
Zamunda's Striped Spear
Band of the Great Apes
Elephant's Tusked Loop
Aero Dwarf Trunk
Bamboo Fountain
Blue Silk Kimono
Canopy Bed
Celestian Planter
Celestian Sconce
Diving Helmet
Floor Extra Large Wood Block
Floor XL Azteca Block
Garden Lot
Glowing Fancy Lampost
Grandfather Clock
Hatch Making Kiosk
Horned Endtable
Large Clay Jar
Mantis Obelisk
Navy Shield
Ornate Sideboard
Plain Wooden Chair
Portrait of Lydia Greyrose
Raider Table
Roof In Corner Castle Block
Roof Inside Corner Azteca Block
Rootbeer Cask
Square-Backed Chair
Stone Wall Segment
Tapestry to Castle Tours
Tapestry to School of Balance
Tapestry to School of Death
Tapestry to School of Fire
Tapestry to School of Ice
Tapestry to School of Life
Tapestry to School of Myth
Tapestry to School of Storm
Tapestry to The Commons
Tapestry to The Dye Shop
Violin and Stand
Wall Short Lg Azteca Block
Wall Short Md Azteca Block
Wall Short Md Castle Block
Wall Starfish
Water Bucket
Wooden Wall Clock
Treasure Cards:

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