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Quest:The Yardbirds

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Quest Information


Given By: Prospector Zeke

Giver Location: Northguard
This is a side quest.

First Yardbird (Northguard)
Second Yardbird (Savarstaad Pass)
Third Yardbird (Savarstaad Pass)
Fourth Yardbird (Vigrid Roughland)
Fifth Yardbird (Vigrid Roughland)
Sixth Yardbird (Mirkholm Keep)
Seventh Yardbird (Mirkholm Keep)
Eighth Yardbird (Helgrind Warren)
Ninth Yardbird (Ravenscar)
Tenth Yardbird (Ravenscar)
Talk To Prospector Zeke
Hand In: Prospector Zeke


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(Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-1.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-2.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-3.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-4.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-5.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-6.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-7.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-8.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-9.png (Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 1-10.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Goal 2.png

Leads to:


Quest Dialogue

This page is for recording a complete Quest Dialogue of all the conversation and story during a quest.
This includes NPC discussions, Narrator statements, and Creature speeches.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Dialogue 1.png
(Quest) The Yardbirds Dialogue 2.png
(Quest) The Yardbirds Dialogue 3.png
(Quest) The Yardbirds Dialogue 4.png
(Quest) The Yardbirds Dialogue 5.png

Quest Guide

This page is for special quests which have been determined to benefit from a quest guide.

The icon of the Yardbird on the map is where that specific Yardbird is located.

First Yardbird in Northguard:

The First Yardbird is on the West side of Big Bear Fort, up the ramp behind Bjorn Ironclaws.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 1.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 1a.png

Second Yardbird in Savarstaad Pass:

The Second Yardbird is in the North-East area of the map, in Webwood between Swiftbranch and Wildroot, near a giant hollow log.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 2.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 2a.png

Third Yardbird in Savarstaad Pass:

The Third Yardbird is in the West area of the map, behind Shattertusk's Hut in Boar's Camp.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 3.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 3a.png

Fourth Yardbird in the Vigrid Roughland:

The Fourth Yardbird is in the South area of the map near the Teleport Stones. Follow the stream to the right where the Yardbird is under a tree near a berry bush.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 4.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 4a.png

Fifth Yardbird in the Vigrid Roughland:

The Fifth Yardbird is in the North area of the map near Ander's Holt. Behind one of the lost bears, Hans, there is a winding grassy path which leads to the Yardbird at the top of the hill.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 5.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 5a.png

Sixth Yardbird in Mirkholm Keep:

The Sixth Yardbird is in the East area of the map in a small alcove West of Herkir and South-West of where Torvalt Nighthowler stands near the Teleport Stone. It is the small alcove exactly between Herkir and Hyglak Shadowstalker.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 6.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 6a.png

Seventh Yardbird in Mirkholm Keep:

The Seventh Yardbird is in the North area of the map in the small storage alcove at the South-East area of these 3 Northern caves.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 7.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 7a.png

Eighth Yardbird in Helgrind Warren:

The Eighth Yardbird is in the South area of the map along the wall to the left as you enter the South room with the Wild Kraken.
Note that you must defeat the Runed Annihilator to gain access to the room where the Yardbird is.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 8.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 8a.png

Ninth Yardbird in Ravenscar:

The Ninth Yardbird (which is the first one of 'two' in Ravenscar) is located in the same area as Mord Runechanter, who is in Mord's Abode. From the center of Ravenscar, you can use the Teleporter to go "To the Roost". When you enter "Ravenscar Village", take the first path on the right. Go past the area with the Cave Golem and Winterwing Warden. Take the next path on the right, which leads you to the Dungeon for Mord Runechanter, Mord's Abode. If you stand with your back to the Dungeon, the Yardbird is directly across from the Dungeon.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 9.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 9a.png

Tenth Yardbird in Ravenscar:

The Tenth Yardbird (which is the second of 'two' in Ravenscar) is near the Raven Fortress Sigil.
Note that you cannot access this Yardbird until after you have defeated the Gurtok Barrier Demon.

(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 10.png(Quest) The Yardbirds Quest Guide 10a.png

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