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Quest:Find the Beetles

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Quest Information


Given By: Prospector Zeke

Giver Location: The Oasis
This is a side quest.

Go To:
First Oasis Beetle
Second Oasis Beetle
Altar of Kings Beetle
Chamber of Fire Beetle
Sphinx Island Beetle
Entrance Hall Beetle
Emperor's Retreat Beetle
Tomb of Storms Beetle
Well of Spirits Beetle
Karanahn Barracks Beetle
Talk To Prospector Zeke
Hand In: Prospector Zeke


(Icon) Gold.png
(Icon) XP.png
(Icon) TrainingPoint.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-1.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-2.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-3.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-4.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-5.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-6.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-7.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-8.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-9.png (Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 1-10.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Goal 2.png

Leads to:


Quest Dialogue

This page is for recording a complete Quest Dialogue of all the conversation and story during a quest.
This includes NPC discussions, Narrator statements, and Creature speeches.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 1.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 2.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 3.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 4.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 5.png
(Quest) Find the Beetles Dialogue 6.png

Quest Guide

This page is for special quests which have been determined to benefit from a quest guide.

The icon of the Beetle on the map is where that specific Beetle is located.

First Oasis Beetle:

The First Oasis Beetle is in the West area of the map on the ledge behind Hared's Robe Shop.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 1.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 1a.png

Second Oasis Beetle:

The Second Oasis Beetle is in the East area of the map near a palm tree on the right side of the Library.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 2.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 2a.png

Altar of Kings Beetle:

The Altar of Kings Beetle is near the center of the map at the bottom of the ramp that is next to the Chamber of Fire entrance.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 3.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 3a.png

Chamber of Fire Beetle:

The Chamber of Fire Beetle is near the center of the map in the Excavation Site. Walk up the ramp to Assistant Danforth, then go up two more ramps and follow the ledge past the scaffoldings where the Beetle is hiding next to some crates and tools.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 4.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 4a.png

Sphinx Island Beetle:

The Krokosphinx Beetle is in the North area of the island, behind the actual Krokosphinx, hiding on a small floating island connected by wooden bridges.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 5.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 5a.png

Entrance Hall Beetle:

The Entrance Hall Beetle is in the North-West area of the map, up the ramps near The Vault of Ice, perched on the corner of the platform.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 6.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 6a.png

Emperor's Retreat Beetle:

The Emperor's Retreat Beetle is in the North-West area of the map on the dock next to a lone house on the Frozen Lake.
Note that to reach the Frozen Lake, you must first defeat Prince Suten Sokkwi and Prince Kebi Sokkwi.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 7.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 7a.png

Tomb of Storms Beetle:

The Tomb of Storms Beetle is in the South-West area of the map, behind the Sphinx head.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 8.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 8a.png

Well of Spirits Beetle:

The Well of Spirits Beetle is in the North-West area of the map, up the ramps and on the ledge behind the giant Krok statue.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 9.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 9a.png

Karanahn Barracks Beetle:

The Karanahn Barracks Beetle is near the center of the map in the area with the floating chunks of land. Cross the bridges to a house at the end of the cavern farthest from the entrance to find the Beetle near the door.

(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 10.png(Quest) Find the Beetles Guide 10a.png

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