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  • Need verification for the second version of this Pet from the May 2020 Advanced Pet Updates. Was that Pet renamed to Sylvan Satyr? See details here.
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Note: This Pet is granted to Wizards who buy the Level 50 Elixir from the Crown Shop.

Pet Abilities Note
  • This Pet has TWO DIFFERENT Talent lists depending on whether they were acquired before or after the May 2010 Advanced Pets Update.
Pet Snacks Information
Item Cards
1 at Baby
SchoolLife (Icon) Life.png(Icon) Pet Strength.png Strength250
Pedigree52(Icon) Pet Intellect.png Intellect250
EggJade Egg(Icon) Pet Agility.png Agility100
Hatch TimeVaries based on parent age(Icon) Pet Will.png Will200
Hatch CostVaries based on parent age(Icon) Pet Power.png Power250
Original TalentsOriginal Derby Abilities
(Talent) Intuitive.png(Derby) Oil Slick.png
(Talent) Life-Giver.png(Derby) Slick-N-Slide.png
(Talent) Mana Gift.png(Derby) Dead End.png
(Talent) Life-Proof.png(Derby) Mute.png
(Talent) Crafty.png(Derby) Baffle.png
(Talent) Spirited.png(Derby) Super-Pass.png
(Talent) Life-Shot.png(Derby) Charge Up.png
(Talent) Health Gift.png(Derby) Pipe Down!.png
(Talent) Pip Boost.png(Derby) Eat My Dust.png
(Talent) Careful.png(Derby) Hurry.png
Post-TalentsPost-Derby Abilities
(Talent) Pip O'Plenty.png(Derby) Oil Slick.png
(Talent) Intuitive.png(Derby) Slick-N-Slide.png
(Talent) Life-Giver.png(Derby) Dead End.png
(Talent) Life-Proof.png(Derby) Mute.png
(Talent) Spritely.png(Derby) Baffle.png
(Talent) Crafty.png(Derby) Super-Pass.png
(Talent) Astute.png(Derby) Charge Up.png
(Talent) Spirited.png(Derby) Pipe Down!.png
(Talent) Life-Shot.png(Derby) Eat My Dust.png
(Talent) Health Gift.png(Derby) Hurry.png
Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet
Acquisition Information
Dropped by (Pet drops are rare)
No drop sources known

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