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Pet:Magma Colossus

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(Pet) Magma Colossus.png
Default Attribute Limits
(Icon) Pet Strength.png Strength: 250
(Icon) Pet Intellect.png Intellect: 250
(Icon) Pet Agility.png Agility: 215
(Icon) Pet Will.png Will: 240
(Icon) Pet Power.png Power: 250
Type: First Generation Pet

School: Fire
Arena Rank Required to Purchase: Warlord

Pedigree: 61

Egg Name: Pyromantic Egg

Hatch Time: 00:00:05 (Days:Hours:Minutes)

Hatch Cost:


Cards Given

(Item Card) Pierce.png (Item Card) Pierce.png
1 at Baby
1 at Epic


(Talent) Fire-Shot.png
(Talent) Fire-Giver.png
(Talent) Spell-Defying.png
(Talent) Durable.png
(Talent) Astute.png
(Talent) Rare.png
(Talent) Health Gift.png
(Talent) Courageous.png
(Talent) Dashing.png
(Talent) Rare.png

Derby Abilities:

(Derby) Ultra-Rare.png
(Derby) Ultra-Rare.png
(Derby) Bombardier.png
(Derby) Sap.png
(Derby) Stonewall.png
(Derby) Exhausted.png
(Derby) Bananas!.png
(Derby) Lock.png
(Derby) Eat My Dust.png
(Derby) Immunity.png

Special Note: for pet drops, screenshot confirmation of getting it from a drop is preferred. You can post the screenshot here.

     (Icon) Snack.png SNACKS (Icon) Snack.png

Liked Snacks:
This Pet generally likes Fire or Candy Snacks

7 Layer Taco
Fire Cracker
Flaming Jalapeno
Flaming Soup
Glowing Dragon Fruit
Killer Tomato
Spicy Drumstick
Sun Fruit

Loved Snacks:
This Pet generally loves Fire - Candy Snacks

Atomic Fireball
Glowing Taffy
Sizzle Smacks Cereal
Spicy Bubblegum

  Vendor: Diego the Duelmaster
  Amount: 1,500 Arena Tickets Vendor Price

Looks Like:
  Blast Colossus
  Bolt Colossus
  Ice Colossus
  Inferno Colossus
  Rain Colossus
Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet:
  No unique hybrids are known

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