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NPC:Zasha EmberForge

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Note: The Wand Recipes have been renamed to Sword, as the crafted Items appear ingame.

(NPC) Zasha EmberForge.png
Zasha EmberForge
Wizard City - The Catacombs

Zasha EmberForge is the Equipment and Transmutation Recipe Vendor.

  • Note: With these Recipes, if a Wizard has one of the required type of Items for ANY School, the Recipes will allow the Wizard to craft the Item for any School. For example, if the Wizard has any one of the required Amulets, it will count toward crafting any of the listed Amulet Recipes.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Hat Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dragonspyre Dragoon's Helm  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Helm Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Helm Female.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Helm  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Helm Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Balanced Helm  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Deadly Helm  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Fiery Helm  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Icy Helm  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Icy Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Mythic Helm  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Shocking Helm  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Helm Female.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Helm  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Helm Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Balanced Helm  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Deadly Helm  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Fiery Helm  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Icy Helm  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Icy Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Mythic Helm  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Shocking Helm  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Helm Female.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Helm  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Helm Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Helm Female.png

Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dragonspyre Dragoon's Armor  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Armor Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Armor Female.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Armor  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Armor Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Balanced Armor  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Deadly Armor  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Fiery Armor  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Icy Armor  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Icy Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Mythic Armor  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Shocking Armor  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Armor Female.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Armor  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Armor Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Balanced Armor  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Deadly Armor  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Fiery Armor  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Icy Armor  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Icy Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Mythic Armor  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Shocking Armor  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Armor Female.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Armor  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Armor Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Armor Female.png

Boots Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dragonspyre Dragoon's Boots  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Boots Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Boots Female.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Boots  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Boots Male.png(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Balanced Boots  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Deadly Boots  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Fiery Boots  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Icy Boots  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Icy Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Mythic Boots  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Shocking Boots  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Boots Female.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Boots  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Boots Male.png(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Balanced Boots  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Deadly Boots  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Fiery Boots  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Icy Boots  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Icy Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Mythic Boots  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Shocking Boots  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Boots Female.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Boots  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Boots Male.png(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Boots Female.png

Wand Recipes for Sale

Dragonspyre Dragoon Sword  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon Sword.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard Sword  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard Sword.png
Dragoon's Balanced Sword  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Sword.png
Dragoon's Deadly Sword  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Sword.png
Dragoon's Fiery Sword  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Sword.png
Dragoon's Icy Sword  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Sword.png
Dragoon's Mythic Sword  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Sword.png
Dragoon's Shocking Sword  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Sword.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Sword  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Sword.png
Vanguard's Balanced Sword  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Sword.png
Vanguard's Deadly Sword  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Sword.png
Vanguard's Fiery Sword  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Sword.png
Vanguard's Icy Sword  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Sword.png
Vanguard's Mythic Sword  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Sword.png
Vanguard's Shocking Sword  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Sword.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Sword  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Sword.png

Athame Recipes for Sale

Dragonspyre Dragoon's Dagger  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Dagger.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Dagger  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Dagger.png
Dragoon's Balanced Dagger  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Dagger.png
Dragoon's Deadly Dagger  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Dagger.png
Dragoon's Fiery Dagger  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Dagger.png
Dragoon's Icy Dagger  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Dagger.png
Dragoon's Mythic Dagger  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Dagger.png
Dragoon's Shocking Dagger  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Dagger.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Dagger  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Dagger.png
Vanguard's Balanced Dagger  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Dagger.png
Vanguard's Deadly Dagger  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Dagger.png
Vanguard's Fiery Dagger  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Dagger.png
Vanguard's Icy Dagger  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Dagger.png
Vanguard's Mythic Dagger  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Dagger.png
Vanguard's Shocking Dagger  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Dagger.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Dagger  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Dagger.png

Amulet Recipes for Sale

Dragonspyre Dragoon's Charm  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Charm.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Charm  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Charm.png
Dragoon's Balanced Charm  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Charm.png
Dragoon's Deadly Charm  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Charm.png
Dragoon's Fiery Charm  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Charm.png
Dragoon's Icy Charm  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Charm.png
Dragoon's Mythic Charm  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Charm.png
Dragoon's Shocking Charm  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Charm.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Charm  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Charm.png
Vanguard's Balanced Charm  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Charm.png
Vanguard's Deadly Charm  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Charm.png
Vanguard's Fiery Charm  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Charm.png
Vanguard's Icy Charm  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Charm.png
Vanguard's Mythic Charm  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Charm.png
Vanguard's Shocking Charm  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Charm.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Charm  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Charm.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Dragonspyre Dragoon's Ring  (item link)Any50,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Dragoon's Ring.png
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Ring  (item link)Any30,000Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Vanguard's Ring.png
Dragoon's Balanced Ring  (item link)Balance50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Balanced Ring.png
Dragoon's Deadly Ring  (item link)Death50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Deadly Ring.png
Dragoon's Fiery Ring  (item link)Fire50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Fiery Ring.png
Dragoon's Icy Ring  (item link)Ice50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Icy Ring.png
Dragoon's Mythic Ring  (item link)Myth50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Mythic Ring.png
Dragoon's Shocking Ring  (item link)Storm50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Shocking Ring.png
Dragoon's Vibrant Ring  (item link)Life50,000Gold(Item) Dragoon's Vibrant Ring.png
Vanguard's Balanced Ring  (item link)Balance30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Balanced Ring.png
Vanguard's Deadly Ring  (item link)Death30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Deadly Ring.png
Vanguard's Fiery Ring  (item link)Fire30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Fiery Ring.png
Vanguard's Icy Ring  (item link)Ice30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Icy Ring.png
Vanguard's Mythic Ring  (item link)Myth30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Mythic Ring.png
Vanguard's Shocking Ring  (item link)Storm30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Shocking Ring.png
Vanguard's Vibrant Ring  (item link)Life30,000Gold(Item) Vanguard's Vibrant Ring.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Alchemical Crystals  (item link)2,000Gold(Reagent) Alchemical Crystals.png
Alchemical Salts  (item link)2,000Gold(Reagent) Alchemical Salts.png

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