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NPC:Zarozinia the DeathSong

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(NPC) Zarozinia the DeathSong 2.png
Fort Rachias (2nd Tier)
(NPC) Zarozinia the DeathSong 4.png
Fort Rachias (upon escape)
(NPC) Zarozinia the DeathSong 5.png
Fort Rachias (near the entrance to Crescent Beach)
Zarozinia the DeathSong
Khrysalis - Fort Rachias - Training Hall
Khrysalis - Fort Rachias
Khrysalis - Fort Rachias - Rachias Gateway
Khrysalis - Crescent Beach
Khrysalis - Crescent Beach - Mazarine the StormWind's Tent
Khrysalis - Crescent Beach - Skull Rock
Khrysalis - Bastion
Khrysalis - Sardonyx - Residential Area
Khrysalis - Sardonyx - Soothsayer Gate

Zarozinia the DeathSong is a member of the Fifth Column.

Note: Zarozinia the DeathSong will assist the Wizard as an ally during certain quests throughout Fort Rachias, Crescent Beach, and Sardonyx.
         She provides the following boosts as an ally:
+20% (Icon) Accuracy.png
+25% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Gives Quests
» Fifth Column
» Sage Advice
» Not a Number
» We Want Information
» Invaders
» Hold Off
» Pod People
» Through the Barrier
» Single File
» Old Man of the Desert
» Tame the Wind
» Hopping Mad
Quest Goals
» Devil's Flowers
» Calmer Heads
» Broken Fang
Ends Quests
» Devil's Flowers
» Twelve Toes
» Sage Advice
» Not a Number
» We Want Information
» Invaders
» Beach Comber
» Pod People
» Through the Barrier
» Single File
» Old Man of the Desert
» Tame the Wind

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