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(NPC) Toshio.png
MooShu - Jade Palace
Toshio is the crafting instructor in MooShu. He also sells crafting recipes.
Gives Quests
» Legend of Two Rings
» Dirks of Daring
» Dragon Your Feet
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Who Do the MooShu?
» Legend of Two Rings
» Dirks of Daring

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Athame Recipes for Sale

Athame of Infinity  (item link)Any850Gold(Item) Athame of Infinity.png
Empyrean Blade  (item link)Any850Gold(Item) Empyrean Blade.png
Possibility Dirk  (item link)Any850Gold(Item) Possibility Dirk.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Band of Paradise  (item link)Any900Gold(Item) Band of Paradise.png
Jewel of Principle  (item link)Any900Gold(Item) Jewel of Principle.png
Seal of the Seraphim  (item link)Any900Gold(Item) Seal of the Seraphim.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Tapestry to Jade Palace  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to Jade Palace.png

Outdoor Recipes for Sale

Bright Stone Tower  (item link)1,900Gold(House) Bright Stone Tower.png
Carved Stone Tower  (item link)1,900Gold(House) Carved Stone Tower.png
Mossy Bamboo Obelisk  (item link)1,890Gold(House) Mossy Bamboo Obelisk.png
Stone Bridge  (item link)1,920Gold(House) Stone Bridge.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Broken Jail Cell  (item link)1,920Gold(House) Broken Jail Cell.png
Canopy Bed  (item link)1,700Gold(House) Canopy Bed.png
Crimson Book Stand  (item link)1,760Gold(House) Crimson Book Stand.png
Gear Vault  (item link)15,000Gold(House) Gear Vault.png
Ironbound Dresser  (item link)1,650Gold(House) Ironbound Dresser.png
Jade Dragon Chair  (item link)1,900Gold(House) Jade Dragon Chair.png
Jewel Vault  (item link)15,000Gold(House) Jewel Vault.png
Seed Vault  (item link)10,000Gold(House) Seed Vault.png
Solar Rug  (item link)1,700Gold(House) Solar Rug.png
Wyrm-Footed Dresser  (item link)1,620Gold(House) Wyrm-Footed Dresser.png
Wyrm-Footed Table  (item link)1,980Gold(House) Wyrm-Footed Table.png
Wyrm-Stand Table  (item link)1,690Gold(House) Wyrm-Stand Table.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Blue Silk Kimono  (item link)1,600Gold(House) Blue Silk Kimono.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Transmute Black Lotus  (item link)300Gold(Reagent) Black Lotus.png
Transmute Black Pearl  (item link)400Gold(Reagent) Black Pearl.png
Transmute Spider Silk  (item link)150Gold(Reagent) Spider Silk.png
Transmute Water Lily  (item link)200Gold(Reagent) Water Lily.png

Jewel Recipes for Sale

Balance Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Death Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Fire Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Ice Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Life Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Myth Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Storm Jewel 15 - 351,000Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png

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