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NPC:Torald Wayfinder

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(NPC) Torald Wayfinder.png
Torald Wayfinder
Recipe Vendor
Grizzleheim - Northguard - Grizzleheim Crafting Shop
Torald is Grizzleheim's crafting recipe shopkeeper.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Time for Tea
Ends Quests

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Castle Recipes for Sale

Watchtower Hall  (item link)60,000Gold(House) Watchtower Hall.png

Plant Life Recipes for Sale

Medium Fir Tree  (item link)725Gold(House) Medium Fir Tree.png
Peat  (item link)265Gold(House) Peat.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Cuckoo Clock  (item link)12,840Gold(House) Cuckoo Clock.png
Ingredient Shelf  (item link)7,680Gold(House) Ingredient Shelf.png
Kitchen Cabinet  (item link)2,070Gold(House) Kitchen Cabinet.png
Kitchen Shelf Stand  (item link)1,830Gold(House) Kitchen Shelf Stand.png
Kitchen Shelf Unit  (item link)1,950Gold(House) Kitchen Shelf Unit.png
Kitchen Shelves  (item link)1,890Gold(House) Kitchen Shelves.png
Kitchen Ware Pots  (item link)1,890Gold(House) Kitchen Ware Pots.png
Kitchen Ware Rack  (item link)1,740Gold(House) Kitchen Ware Rack.png
Tapestry to Northguard  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to Northguard.png
Tapestry to Vestrilund  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Tapestry to Vestrilund.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Aquarium  (item link)16,520Gold(House) Aquarium.png
Grandfather Clock  (item link)13,000Gold(House) Grandfather Clock.png
Large Mixing Table  (item link)2,190Gold(House) Large Mixing Table.png
Mixing Table  (item link)2,640Gold(House) Mixing Table.png
Ornate Sideboard  (item link)2,880Gold(House) Ornate Sideboard.png
Plain Wooden Chair  (item link)2,760Gold(House) Plain Wooden Chair.png
Plain Wooden Table  (item link)3,090Gold(House) Plain Wooden Table.png
Untidy Bookshelf  (item link)3,660Gold(House) Untidy Bookshelf.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Bamboo Fountain  (item link)11,960Gold(House) Bamboo Fountain.png
Bowl of Potatoes  (item link)1,860Gold(House) Bowl of Potatoes.png
Decorative Gong  (item link)23,960Gold(House) Decorative Gong.png
Egg Basket  (item link)6,200Gold(House) Egg Basket.png
Gold Place Setting  (item link)3,040Gold(House) Gold Place Setting.png
Jar of Mandrake  (item link)2,400Gold(House) Jar of Mandrake.png
Jar of Mushrooms  (item link)2,400Gold(House) Jar of Mushrooms.png
Large Clay Jar  (item link)2,280Gold(House) Large Clay Jar.png
Lattice Cherry Pie  (item link)1,830Gold(House) Lattice Cherry Pie.png
Pot of Soup  (item link)12,480Gold(House) Pot of Soup.png
Rootbeer Cask  (item link)1,890Gold(House) Rootbeer Cask.png
Sandwich Station  (item link)1,920Gold(House) Sandwich Station.png
Ship in a Bottle  (item link)12,920Gold(House) Ship in a Bottle.png
Tankard  (item link)1,980Gold(House) Tankard.png
Tea Set  (item link)2,430Gold(House) Tea Set.png
Tower Music Box  (item link)32,440Gold(House) Tower Music Box.png
Toy Train Set  (item link)17,440Gold(House) Toy Train Set.png
Violin and Stand  (item link)30,200Gold(House) Violin and Stand.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Transmute Bronze  (item link)500Gold(Reagent) Bronze.png
Transmute Cobalt  (item link)500Gold(Reagent) Cobalt.png
Transmute Copper  (item link)250Gold(Reagent) Copper.png
Transmute Draconium  (item link)750Gold(Reagent) Transmute Draconium.png
Transmute Frost Flower  (item link)300Gold(Reagent) Frost Flower.png
Transmute Grendelweed  (item link)400Gold(Reagent) Grendelweed.png
Transmute Iron  (item link)250Gold(Reagent) Iron.png
Transmute Mithril  (item link)500Gold(Reagent) Mithril.png
Transmute Nickel  (item link)250Gold(Reagent) Nickel.png
Transmute Orichalcum  (item link)750Gold(Reagent) Orichalcum.png
Transmute Pyrite  (item link)250Gold(Reagent) Pyrite.png
Transmute Tungsten  (item link)500Gold(Reagent) Tungsten.png

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