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NPC:Spooky Bob

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(NPC) Spooky Bob.png
Spooky Bob
Only present during the Hallowe'en event.
Wizard City - Shopping District
Spooky Bob is the Holiday Vendor during Hallowe'en (also known as Halloweenfest). He stands near the fountain in the Shopping District, and sells holiday-exclusive items. Spooky Bob usually arrives 2 weeks before Halloween, and leaves the Spiral on November 1st.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Pirate Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Pirate Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Pirate Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Scary Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Scary Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Scary Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Happy Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Happy Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Happy Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Boo Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Boo Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Boo Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Kitty Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Kitty Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Kitty Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Goofy Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Goofy Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Goofy Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Cyclops Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Cyclops Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Cyclops Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Cool Pumpkin MaskAny750Crowns(Item) Cool Pumpkin Mask Male.png(Item) Cool Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Hallowe'en HatAny750Crowns(Item) Hallowe'en Hat Male.png(Item) Hallowe'en Hat Female.png
Ninja Pig HatAny1,500Crowns(Item) Ninja Pig Hat Male.png(Item) Ninja Pig Hat Female.png

Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Hallowe'en RobeAny1,500Crowns(Item) Hallowe'en Robe Male.png(Item) Hallowe'en Robe Female.png
Ninja Pig RobeAny3,000Crowns(Item) Ninja Pig Robe Male.png(Item) Ninja Pig Robe Female.png

Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Hallowe'en ShoesAny250Crowns(Item) Hallowe'en Shoes Male.png(Item) Hallowe'en Shoes Female.png
Ninja Pig ShoesAny500Crowns(Item) Ninja Pig Shoes Male.png(Item) Ninja Pig Shoes Female.png

Wands for Sale

Mean Pumpkin StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Mean Pumpkin Staff.png
Sad Pumpkin StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Sad Pumpkin Staff.png
Silly Pumpkin StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Silly Pumpkin Staff.png
Witch's BroomAny500Crowns(Item) Witch's Broom.png
Weeping Pumpkin StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Weeping Pumpkin Staff.png
Grinning Pumpkin StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Grinning Pumpkin Staff.png
Scowling Pumpkin StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Scowling Pumpkin Staff.png
Frightening Pumpkin BatonAny300Crowns(Item) Frightening Pumpkin Baton.png
Sobbing Pumpkin BatonAny300Crowns(Item) Sobbing Pumpkin Baton.png
Smiling Pumpkin BatonAny300Crowns(Item) Smiling Pumpkin Baton.png
Bewitched BroomstickAny500Crowns(Item) Bewitched Broomstick.png
Cackling Pumpkin ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Cackling Pumpkin Scepter.png
Blubbering Pumpkin ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Blubbering Pumpkin Scepter.png
Chuckling Pumpkin ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Chuckling Pumpkin Scepter.png
Witch's Scary SweeperAny500Crowns(Item) Witch's Scary Sweeper.png
Trickster Pumpkin WandAny300Crowns(Item) Trickster Pumpkin Wand.png
Grumpy Pumpkin WandAny300Crowns(Item) Grumpy Pumpkin Wand.png
Prankster Pumpkin WandAny300Crowns(Item) Prankster Pumpkin Wand.png
Accursed BroomstickAny500Crowns(Item) Accursed Broomstick.png
Jack o' Terror StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Jack o' Terror Staff.png
Jack o' Mourning StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Jack o' Mourning Staff.png
Jack o' Laughter StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Jack o' Laughter Staff.png
Wicked BroomstaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Wicked Broomstaff.png
Ghastly Gourd WandAny500Crowns(Item) Ghastly Gourd Wand.png
Grieving Gourd WandAny500Crowns(Item) Grieving Gourd Wand.png
Giggling Gourd WandAny500Crowns(Item) Giggling Gourd Wand.png
Witch's Dirty Tricks StickAny2,500Crowns(Item) Witch's Dirty Tricks Stick.png
Intimidating Pumpkin StaveAny500Crowns(Item) Intimidating Pumpkin Stave.png
Wimpering Pumpking StaveAny500Crowns(Item) Wimpering Pumpking Stave.png
Smirking Pumpkin StaveAny500Crowns(Item) Smirking Pumpkin Stave.png
Broom of Toil and TroubleAny2,500Crowns(Item) Broom of Toil and Trouble.png
Dread Lantern StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Dread Lantern Staff.png
Forlorn Lantern StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Forlorn Lantern Staff.png
Laughing Lantern StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Laughing Lantern Staff.png
Broom o' DoomAny2,500Crowns(Item) Broom o' Doom.png
Glowering Pumpkin StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Glowering Pumpkin Staff.png
Boo-Hooing Pumpkin StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Boo-Hooing Pumpkin Staff.png
Guffawing Pumpkin StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Guffawing Pumpkin Staff.png
Dark Witch's BroomstaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Dark Witch's Broomstaff.png

Pets for Sale

Black Cat1,500Crowns(Pet) Black Cat.png
Nightmare2,500Crowns(Pet) Nightmare.png
Ghost Dragon3,000Crowns(Pet) Ghost Dragon.png

Wall Hangings for Sale

Spooky Bob150Crowns(House) Spooky Bob.png

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