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(NPC) Sparck 2.png
Spiral Ark -
Near Entrance
(NPC) Sparck 3.png
Spiral Ark - Machine Room
(NPC) Sparck 4.png
Spiral Ark -
Near the Lux Capacitor
(NPC) Sparck 5.png
Spiral Ark - The Bridge
(NPC) Sparck 7.png
Spiral Ark - Flight
(NPC) Sparck 8.png
Spiral Ark - Pod Bay
(NPC) Sparck 11.png
Spiral Ark -
The Bridge
(NPC) Sparck 17.png
Palace District -
Near Beacon of Hope
(NPC) Sparck 25.png
Sepidious - The Stomach
(NPC) Sparck 26.png
Sepidious -
Near the Blockage
Science Officer
Provides the following bonuses as an ally:

+20% incoming Healing (before heading toward Empyrea)

+3% Resistance (in Empyrea)
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Dry Dock
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Spiral Ark (Arcanum)
Empyrea - Aeriel Shores - Spiral Ark (Empyrea)
Empyrea - Aeriel Shores
Empyrea - Aeriel Jungle - Tower of Sycorax
Empyrea - Zanadu
Empyrea - Zanadu - VIP Area
Empyrea - Zanadu - Zanadu Sewers
Empyrea - Zanadu - Charging Station
Empyrea - Zanadu - Palace District
Empyrea - Zanadu - Palace
Empyrea - Zanadu - Throne Room (Zanadu)
Empyrea - Outer Athanor
Empyrea - Outer Athanor - Ice Cutting Shed
Empyrea - Outer Athanor - Melting House
Empyrea - Sepidious
Empyrea - Sepidious - Notochord
Empyrea - Sepidious - Left Eye
Empyrea - Sepidious - The Headquarters
Empyrea - Aeriel Jungle
Sparck, Ione's brother, is a skilled engineer who originally hails from Empyrea. Sparck assists the Wizard in their quest to defeat the Bat, rescue Mellori, and ultimately halt Grandfather Spider's plan of severing the Paradox Chains within Empyrea.
Gives Quests
» Pretty Standard Procedure
» Sparck Seconds that Emotion
Quest Goals
» Sparck's Ark
» To Boldly Crash...
» From A to Z
» Empyre-B
» Communications Officer
» Sparck Seconds that Emotion
Ends Quests
» Zana-Redo

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