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NPC:Roland Silverheart

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(NPC) Roland Silverheart.png
Roland Silverheart
Supreme Warlord
Wizard City - Unicorn Way
Roland Silverheart is a supreme PvP Warlord who sells Arena Ticket Housing Items, which include trophies and Castle Blocks, outside of the Arena on Unicorn Way. His shop is called "Silverheart's Trophies."
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Wall Hangings for Sale

Portrait of Mr. Gandry100Arena Tickets(House) Portrait of Mr. Gandry.png
Celebration Banner200Arena Tickets(House) Celebration Banner.png
Dragon Rose Banner350Arena Tickets(House) Dragon Rose Banner.png
Avalon Shield625Arena Tickets(House) Avalon Shield.png
Ninja Sword Rack625Arena Tickets(House) Ninja Sword Rack.png
Tapestry to Arena2,000Arena Tickets(House) Tapestry to Arena.png

Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

Lunar Wallpaper10Arena Tickets(House) Lunar Wallpaper.png
Starbright Floor10Arena Tickets(House) Starbright Floor.png
Umber Drake Wallpaper25Arena Tickets(House) Umber Drake Wallpaper.png
Heliotrope Wallpaper25Arena Tickets(House) Heliotrope Wallpaper.png
Coil-Drake Wallstones25Arena Tickets(House) Coil-Drake Wallstones.png
Russet Tile Floor25Arena Tickets(House) Russet Tile Floor.png
Ianthine Tile Floor25Arena Tickets(House) Ianthine Tile Floor.png
Dun-Stone Flooring25Arena Tickets(House) Dun-Stone Flooring.png

Outdoor for Sale

Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine125Arena Tickets(House) Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine.png
Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine125Arena Tickets(House) Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine.png
Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine125Arena Tickets(House) Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine.png
Flaming Demon Pig Statue250Arena Tickets(House) Flaming Demon Pig Statue.png
Sparring Target500Arena Tickets(House) Sparring Target.png
Grand Cyclops Statue500Arena Tickets(House) Grand Cyclops Statue.png
Pavilion750Arena Tickets(House) Pavilion.png
Dragon Cauldron775Arena Tickets(House) Dragon Cauldron.png
Market Tent850Arena Tickets(House) Market Tent.png
Wishing Well1,000Arena Tickets(House) Wishing Well.png

Furniture for Sale

Statue of Hyottoko120Arena Tickets(House) Statue of Hyottoko.png
Velvet Trophy Pedestal175Arena Tickets(House) Velvet Trophy Pedestal.png
Long Trophy Case200Arena Tickets(House) Long Trophy Case.png
Shelved Trophy Case200Arena Tickets(House) Shelved Trophy Case.png
Winner's Trophy Case200Arena Tickets(House) Winner's Trophy Case.png
Large Trophy Case400Arena Tickets(House) Large Trophy Case.png
Grand Trophy Case400Arena Tickets(House) Grand Trophy Case.png
Tall Trophy Case400Arena Tickets(House) Tall Trophy Case.png
Flat Globe of Avalon450Arena Tickets(House) Flat Globe of Avalon.png
Scarabed Display Case1,200Arena Tickets(House) Scarabed Display Case.png
Patch Display Cabinet1,500Arena Tickets(House) Patch Display Cabinet.png
Royal Fish Tank1,800Arena Tickets(House) Royal Fish Tank.png
Ranked PvP2,000Arena Tickets(House) Ranked PvP.png
Practice PvP2,000Arena Tickets(House) Practice PvP.png
Ranked Derby2,000Arena Tickets(House) Ranked Derby.png
Practice Derby2,000Arena Tickets(House) Practice Derby.png

Decoration for Sale

Ninja Pig Bobblehead30Arena Tickets(House) Ninja Pig Bobblehead.png
Jade Oni Bobblehead30Arena Tickets(House) Jade Oni Bobblehead.png
White Dragon Bobblehead50Arena Tickets(House) White Dragon Bobblehead.png
Pendragon Bobblehead50Arena Tickets(House) Pendragon Bobblehead.png
Black Dragon Bobblehead50Arena Tickets(House) Black Dragon Bobblehead.png
Ceremonial Tea Set75Arena Tickets(House) Ceremonial Tea Set.png
PVP Combat Music Player200Arena Tickets(House) PVP Combat Music Player.png
Warrior's Helmet200Arena Tickets(House) Warrior's Helmet.png
Ribbon Stand200Arena Tickets(House) Ribbon Stand.png
Angelic Trophy200Arena Tickets(House) Angelic Trophy.png
Kyanite Trophy200Arena Tickets(House) Kyanite Trophy.png
Crystal Scepter225Arena Tickets(House) Crystal Scepter.png
Statue of St. Hubert485Arena Tickets(House) Statue of St. Hubert.png
Red Faberge Egg600Arena Tickets(House) Red Faberge Egg.png
Antonio Sculpture750Arena Tickets(House) Antonio Sculpture.png
Chained Kraken Statue800Arena Tickets(House) Chained Kraken Statue.png
Dragonspyre Trophy1,500Arena Tickets(House) Dragonspyre Trophy.png

Outdoor for Sale

Wood Post Block5Arena Tickets(House) Wood Post Block.png
Md Wood Wall Block10Arena Tickets(House) Md Wood Wall Block.png
Lg Wood Wall Block12Arena Tickets(House) Lg Wood Wall Block.png
Wood Corner Block15Arena Tickets(House) Wood Corner Block.png
Wood Window Block20Arena Tickets(House) Wood Window Block.png
Wood Arch Block20Arena Tickets(House) Wood Arch Block.png

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