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NPC:Mr. Lincoln

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(NPC) Mr. Lincoln.png
Golem Court
(NPC) Mr. Lincoln 2.png
Merle Ambrose's Tower
(NPC) Mr. Lincoln 3.png
(NPC) Mr. Lincoln 4.png
Ombudsman's Office
Mr. Lincoln
Wizard City - Golem Court
Wizard City - The Commons - Merle Ambrose's Tower (Wizard City)
Wizard City - The Commons - Ravenwood (Graduation Ceremony)
Wizard City - Shopping District - Ombudsman's Office
Wizard City - Ravenwood

Mr. Lincoln is the registrar for the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Mr. Lincoln is responsible for new student registration, enrollment, training point reimbursement, extra credit, graduation, and enlisting students to compete in the Spiral Cup Tournament.

Mr. Lincoln can reimburse Training Points once Wizards reach level 12. Cost is 350 Crowns per training point. If only three or less training point were purchased, Mr. Lincoln would refund the points for free. ALL training points spent will be refunded, thus ALL spells acquired with those points will be turned in.

Mr. Lincoln used to be in the Golem Court Area of Wizard City but moved to Ravenwood on August 1st, 2019.
Gives Quests
» Exchange Student
» Pomp and Circumstance
Quest Goals
» A Dreadful Situation
» Ready, Aim, Shoot!
Ends Quests
» To the Registrar
» Head of the Class

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