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Celestia - The Chancel
Zafaria - Elephant Graveyard - Queen Elissa's Tomb
Zafaria - Shining Mountain
Zafaria - Mirror Lake
Wizard City - The Commons - Merle Ambrose's House
Azteca - Alto Alto - Feather Palace
Azteca - Pitch Black Lake - Pyramid of Mother Moon
Azteca - Twin Giants - Pyramid of the Falling Star
Azteca - Xibalba
Khrysalis - Moon Cliffs - Throne Room (Moon Cliffs)
Khrysalis - Fort Rachias - Central Keep
Khrysalis - Shadow Palace - Spirit Plane
Khrysalis - Shadow Palace - The Galleries
Khrysalis - Shadow Palace - Morganthe's Chamber
Morganthe, also known as the Shadow Queen or Umbra Queen, is the main antagonist in the "second arc" of Wizard101. She is first encountered in Celestia. Morganthe commands a legion of insect-like creatures known as Shadow Weavers, and Wizards encounter her numerous times in the quest to rid her evil presence from the Spiral.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Chasing Shadows
» Wizard in the Mirror
» Tall Enough to Meet the Sun
» End Game
Ends Quests

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