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(NPC) Mellori 37.png
Dream Shrine - near The Auroracle
(NPC) Mellori 38.png
Dream Shrine - near Bartleby
(NPC) Mellori 39.png
Dream Shrine - near Moolinda Wu
Provides the following bonuses as an ally:

+20% incoming Healing (before joining the Ravenwood School of Magic)

+25% incoming Healing (after joining the Ravenwood School of Magic)
Polaris - Forlorn Tayg - Veiled Vale
Polaris - Forlorn Tayg - Baba Yaga's House
Polaris - River of Frozen Tears
Polaris - River of Frozen Tears - Sunless Shrine
Polaris - Kataba IceBlock
Polaris - Kataba IceBlock - Golem Garden
Polaris - Kataba IceBlock - Kalypso
Polaris - Borealis Peaks
Arcanum - Panopticon
Wizard City - Ravenwood
Wizard City - Olde Town
Wizard City - Triton Avenue - Duncan's Hideout
Wizard City - The Commons - Merle Ambrose's House
Wizard City - Firecat Alley - Gretta Darkkettle's House
Wizard City - Firecat Alley - Cabal Safehouse
Mirage - Caravan - Central Hub
Mirage - Chronoverge
Mirage - Chronoverge - Sands of Time
Mirage - Chronoverge - East Time Dunes
Mirage - Chronoverge - West Time Dunes
Mirage - Chronoverge - South Time Dunes
Mirage - Chronoverge - North Time Dunes
Empyrea - Zanadu - Bat Cave
Empyrea - Inner Athanor - Temple of Light
Empyrea - Sepidious - The Headquarters
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Dry Dock
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Infirmary
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Astral Plane
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Recovery Room
Empyrea - Aeriel Shores
Empyrea - Samsara Village - Cave of Quickening
Empyrea - Nexus - Dream Shrine
Empyrea - Husk
Empyrea - Husk - Storm Titan's Wake
Mellori greets the Wizard when they initially reach Baba Yaga's House.
Gives Quests
» The Witch's Garden
» River of Frozen Tears
» Sunless Shrine
» The Witch's Wisdom
» Back to Walruskberg
» Rasputin's Surprises
» Rise of the Titan
» Saving the Sky Anchor
» Showdown with Spider
» Rebuilding the Bat
» Extra Life
» Braving the Storm
» Undo the Undoing
Quest Goals
» Rasputin's Surprises
» Return from Ravenwood
» The Cabal's Code
» Grandfather Spider
» Meeting of the Minds
» Brain Drain
» Only Mostly Dead
» Of Note
» Into the Great Beyond
» The Dreaming Begins
» Braving the Storm
» The End of Days
Ends Quests
» The Veiled Vale
» The Witch's Daughter
» The Auroracle
» Hunting a Rat
» Operation Icebath
» Rasputin's Surprises
» Climbing the Peaks
» The Sands of Time
» Signal to Noise
» Gathering Shadows
» Spirit of the Grove

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