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NPC:Malistaire Drake

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(NPC) Malistaire Drake.png
Golem Tower (Tutorial)
(NPC) Malistaire Drake 7.png
Telegraph Box
(Malistaire's House)
(NPC) Malistaire Drake 8.png
Telegraph Box
(Drake Cottage)
(NPC) Malistaire Drake 9.png
Telegraph Box
(War Room)
Malistaire Drake
Provides the following bonuses as an ally:
+20 Critical (during certain quests within the Avalon Telegraph Box).
Wizard City - Golem Court - Golem Tower
Marleybone - Newgate Prison
Marleybone - Newgate Prison - Great Clocktower
Marleybone - Royal Museum - Big Ben
Dragonspyre - The Great Spyre - The Crown of Fire
Khrysalis - Radiance Reborn - Second Chamber of the Mind
Avalon - Abbey Road - Telegraph Box (Avalon)
Wizard City - Castle Darkmoor - Graveyard
Wizard City - Dark Cave - Malistaire's Sanctum
Malistaire Drake was the former Death professor at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, and the twin brother to Myth professor Cyrus Drake. Malistaire's wife, Sylvia, was the Life school professor, who became ill with a deadly virus. Many tried to cure Sylvia but failed wich drove Malistaire into an obsession of resurrecting her. Malistaire caused much destruction at Ravenwood, including the theft of Bartleby's eye of history, and the vandalism of the Death School. Dworgyn now holds the position of professor of what remains of the Death School.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Arc of Infinity
Ends Quests

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