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(NPC) Lewelyn.png
Avalon - Dun Dara

Lewelyn is a "Silversmith" who sells Hat and Robe Recipes in Avalon. He is located in the south area of Dun Dara.

Legendary Artisan Crafting rank is required to buy any of Lewelyn's Recipes.
Gives Quests
» Many Dreams Come True
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Over the Hills and Far Away

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Hat Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Helm of the Banneret  (item link)Life7,472Gold(Item) Helm of the Banneret Male.png(Item) Helm of the Banneret Female.png
Horned Helmet  (item link)Ice8,127Gold(Item) Horned Helmet Male.png(Item) Horned Helmet Female.png
Knightly Helm  (item link)Fire7,505Gold(Item) Knightly Helm Male.png(Item) Knightly Helm Female.png
Mantle of the Wold  (item link)Death7,515Gold(Item) Mantle of the Wold Male.png(Item) Mantle of the Wold Female.png
Poet's Hood  (item link)Myth7,492Gold(Item) Poet's Hood Male.png(Item) Poet's Hood Female.png
Silvertongue Cowl  (item link)Balance7,502Gold(Item) Silvertongue Cowl Male.png(Item) Silvertongue Cowl Female.png
Woodland Tribal Hood  (item link)Storm7,500Gold(Item) Woodland Tribal Hood Male.png(Item) Woodland Tribal Hood Female.png
Wyrd-Walker Coif  (item link)Balance7,492Gold(Item) Wyrd-Walker Coif Male.png(Item) Wyrd-Walker Coif Female.png

Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Armor of Avalon  (item link)Any8,602Gold(Item) Armor of Avalon Male.png(Item) Armor of Avalon Female.png
Armor of Grandiosity  (item link)Any7,690Gold(Item) Armor of Grandiosity Male.png(Item) Armor of Grandiosity Female.png
Armor of the Banneret  (item link)Myth7,492Gold(Item) Armor of the Banneret Male.png(Item) Armor of the Banneret Female.png
Barbaric Jerkin  (item link)Any7,660Gold(Item) Barbaric Jerkin Male.png(Item) Barbaric Jerkin Female.png
Cloak of the Catacombs  (item link)Any7,605Gold(Item) Cloak of the Catacombs Male.png(Item) Cloak of the Catacombs Female.png
Eloquent Drape  (item link)Any7,680Gold(Item) Eloquent Drape Male.png(Item) Eloquent Drape Female.png
Forest Hearth Tunic  (item link)Any8,607Gold(Item) Forest Hearth Tunic Male.png(Item) Forest Hearth Tunic Female.png
High Road Surcoat  (item link)Any7,665Gold(Item) High Road Surcoat Male.png(Item) High Road Surcoat Female.png
Hornbound Tunic  (item link)Any7,660Gold(Item) Hornbound Tunic Male.png(Item) Hornbound Tunic Female.png
Horned Vestment  (item link)Fire7,497Gold(Item) Horned Vestment Male.png(Item) Horned Vestment Female.png
Jerkin of Derring-Do  (item link)Any7,687Gold(Item) Jerkin of Derring-Do Male.png(Item) Jerkin of Derring-Do Female.png
Kin-Bound Surcoat  (item link)Any8,602Gold(Item) Kin-Bound Surcoat Male.png(Item) Kin-Bound Surcoat Female.png
Knightly Armor  (item link)Life7,510Gold(Item) Knightly Armor Male.png(Item) Knightly Armor Female.png
Longcoat of Legacy  (item link)Any7,680Gold(Item) Longcoat of Legacy Male.png(Item) Longcoat of Legacy Female.png
Longcoat of the Wold  (item link)Death7,497Gold(Item) Longcoat of the Wold Male.png(Item) Longcoat of the Wold Female.png
Plate of Peerage  (item link)Any8,597Gold(Item) Plate of Peerage Male.png(Item) Plate of Peerage Female.png
Poet's Robe  (item link)Storm7,510Gold(Item) Poet's Robe Male.png(Item) Poet's Robe Female.png
Raiment of Embassy  (item link)Any7,690Gold(Item) Raiment of Embassy Male.png(Item) Raiment of Embassy Female.png
Raiment of the High Road  (item link)Any8,595Gold(Item) Raiment of the High Road Male.png(Item) Raiment of the High Road Female.png
Silvertongue Smock  (item link)Any8,605Gold(Item) Silvertongue Smock Male.png(Item) Silvertongue Smock Female.png
Surcoat of the Wyrd  (item link)Any7,667Gold(Item) Surcoat of the Wyrd Male.png(Item) Surcoat of the Wyrd Female.png
Valiant Plate  (item link)Any7,660Gold(Item) Valiant Plate Male.png(Item) Valiant Plate Female.png
Vassal's Longcoat  (item link)Any7,695Gold(Item) Vassal's Longcoat Male.png(Item) Vassal's Longcoat Female.png
Wildgrave Garment  (item link)Any7,677Gold(Item) Wildgrave Garment Male.png(Item) Wildgrave Garment Female.png
Woodland Tribal Coat  (item link)Ice8,592Gold(Item) Woodland Tribal Coat Male.png(Item) Woodland Tribal Coat Female.png
Woodwarden's Outfit  (item link)Any7,655Gold(Item) Woodwarden's Outfit Male.png(Item) Woodwarden's Outfit Female.png
Wrought Steel Sheath  (item link)Any7,685Gold(Item) Wrought Steel Sheath Male.png(Item) Wrought Steel Sheath Female.png
Wyrd-Walker Coat  (item link)Balance7,500Gold(Item) Wyrd-Walker Coat Male.png(Item) Wyrd-Walker Coat Female.png

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