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NPC:Koyate Ghostmane

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Koyate Ghostmane
Zafaria - Baobab Crossroads
Zafaria - Baobab Market

Koyate Ghostmane is the main Recipe Vendor in Zafaria.

Koyate moved to Baobab to open a crafting shop, but needs help recovering his stolen supplies. After recovering them, he disappears from the Baobab Crossroads to take up his permanent location in the west area of Baobab Market.
Gives Quests
» Going to Market
» No Bother
» To Market, To Market
» Drum a Little Drum
» From Zafaria to Azteca
Quest Goals
» Spearcraft
Ends Quests
» Lion Around
» Going to Market
» To Market, To Market
» Drum a Little Drum

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Hat Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Baobab's Spirit Hood  (item link)Balance6,270Gold(Item) Baobab's Spirit Hood Male.png(Item) Baobab's Spirit Hood Female.png
Deadly Jungle Hood  (item link)Death6,270Gold(Item) Deadly Jungle Hood Male.png(Item) Deadly Jungle Hood Female.png
Frozen Breath Shroud  (item link)Ice7,167Gold(Item) Frozen Breath Shroud Male.png(Item) Frozen Breath Shroud Female.png
Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim  (item link)Fire6,310Gold(Item) Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim Male.png(Item) Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim Female.png
Noble Explorer's Safari Hat  (item link)Balance6,270Gold(Item) Noble Explorer's Safari Hat Male.png(Item) Noble Explorer's Safari Hat Female.png
Pachyderm's Hat of Zeal  (item link)Life6,325Gold(Item) Pachyderm's Hat of Zeal Male.png(Item) Pachyderm's Hat of Zeal Female.png
Savannah Dreams Headwrap  (item link)Myth6,237Gold(Item) Savannah Dreams Headwrap Male.png(Item) Savannah Dreams Headwrap Female.png
Sheltering Storm Cover  (item link)Storm6,400Gold(Item) Sheltering Storm Cover Male.png(Item) Sheltering Storm Cover Female.png

Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Abiding Spirits' Vestments  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Abiding Spirits' Vestments Male.png(Item) Abiding Spirits' Vestments Female.png
Ananse's Great Storied Robes  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Ananse's Great Storied Robes Male.png(Item) Ananse's Great Storied Robes Female.png
Biting Cold Dream Jacket  (item link)Any7,875Gold(Item) Biting Cold Dream Jacket Male.png(Item) Biting Cold Dream Jacket Female.png
Biting Winter Shaman's Skin  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Biting Winter Shaman's Skin Male.png(Item) Biting Winter Shaman's Skin Female.png
Burning Bitey Cloak  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Burning Bitey Cloak Male.png(Item) Burning Bitey Cloak Female.png
Burning Cold Garb  (item link)Any7,962Gold(Item) Burning Cold Garb Male.png(Item) Burning Cold Garb Female.png
Cloak of the Great Spirits  (item link)Any7,032Gold(Item) Cloak of the Great Spirits Male.png(Item) Cloak of the Great Spirits Female.png
Coat of Ananse's Children  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Coat of Ananse's Children Male.png(Item) Coat of Ananse's Children Female.png
Dark Side of the Moon Robes  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Dark Side of the Moon Robes Male.png(Item) Dark Side of the Moon Robes Female.png
Double Rainbow Robes  (item link)Any7,032Gold(Item) Double Rainbow Robes Male.png(Item) Double Rainbow Robes Female.png
Eye of the Storm Gear  (item link)Any8,087Gold(Item) Eye of the Storm Gear Male.png(Item) Eye of the Storm Gear Female.png
Fire Valley Chief's Garb  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Fire Valley Chief's Garb Male.png(Item) Fire Valley Chief's Garb Female.png
Great Adventurer's Epic Coat  (item link)Myth6,730Gold(Item) Great Adventurer's Epic Coat Male.png(Item) Great Adventurer's Epic Coat Female.png
Great Lionfriend's Jacket  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Great Lionfriend's Jacket Male.png(Item) Great Lionfriend's Jacket Female.png
Ingonyama's Burning Robe  (item link)Fire6,735Gold(Item) Ingonyama's Burning Robe Male.png(Item) Ingonyama's Burning Robe Female.png
Intrepid Explorer's Outfit  (item link)Any7,032Gold(Item) Intrepid Explorer's Outfit Male.png(Item) Intrepid Explorer's Outfit Female.png
Longdreamer's Smoking Skin  (item link)Any7,047Gold(Item) Longdreamer's Smoking Skin Male.png(Item) Longdreamer's Smoking Skin Female.png
Pachyderm's Hearty Robes  (item link)Life6,725Gold(Item) Pachyderm's Hearty Robes Male.png(Item) Pachyderm's Hearty Robes Female.png
Prideful Cloak of Stormkings  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Prideful Cloak of Stormkings Male.png(Item) Prideful Cloak of Stormkings Female.png
Robes of the Blazing Sun  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Robes of the Blazing Sun Male.png(Item) Robes of the Blazing Sun Female.png
Robes of the Icewind Doctor  (item link)Any7,925Gold(Item) Robes of the Icewind Doctor Male.png(Item) Robes of the Icewind Doctor Female.png
Robes of the Spotted Leopard  (item link)Death6,730Gold(Item) Robes of the Spotted Leopard Male.png(Item) Robes of the Spotted Leopard Female.png
Shivering Breath Robes  (item link)Ice7,660Gold(Item) Shivering Breath Robes Male.png(Item) Shivering Breath Robes Female.png
Spider's Poison Rain Robes  (item link)Any7,037Gold(Item) Spider's Poison Rain Robes Male.png(Item) Spider's Poison Rain Robes Female.png
Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak  (item link)Storm6,717Gold(Item) Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak Male.png(Item) Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak Female.png
Stormfire Vestments  (item link)Any7,042Gold(Item) Stormfire Vestments Male.png(Item) Stormfire Vestments Female.png
Stout Coat of Black Ice  (item link)Any7,925Gold(Item) Stout Coat of Black Ice Male.png(Item) Stout Coat of Black Ice Female.png
Weight of the World Cloak  (item link)Balance6,727Gold(Item) Weight of the World Cloak Male.png(Item) Weight of the World Cloak Female.png

Boots Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots  (item link)Any4,105Gold(Item) Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots Male.png(Item) Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots Female.png
Blazing Cheetah's Gliders  (item link)Any4,055Gold(Item) Blazing Cheetah's Gliders Male.png(Item) Blazing Cheetah's Gliders Female.png
Blistering Breeze Footguards  (item link)Ice4,962Gold(Item) Blistering Breeze Footguards Male.png(Item) Blistering Breeze Footguards Female.png
Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots  (item link)Any4,112Gold(Item) Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots Male.png(Item) Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots Female.png
Chillgrave Footguards  (item link)Any4,887Gold(Item) Chillgrave Footguards Male.png(Item) Chillgrave Footguards Female.png
Double Rainbow Boots  (item link)Any4,252Gold(Item) Double Rainbow Boots Male.png(Item) Double Rainbow Boots Female.png
Eye of the Storm Guards  (item link)Any4,252Gold(Item) Eye of the Storm Guards Male.png(Item) Eye of the Storm Guards Female.png
Fire Lion Ravager's Boots  (item link)Any3,997Gold(Item) Fire Lion Ravager's Boots Male.png(Item) Fire Lion Ravager's Boots Female.png
Freezing Flame Rangers  (item link)Any4,855Gold(Item) Freezing Flame Rangers Male.png(Item) Freezing Flame Rangers Female.png
Gravestorm Walkers  (item link)Any4,252Gold(Item) Gravestorm Walkers Male.png(Item) Gravestorm Walkers Female.png
Great Adventurer's Greatboots  (item link)Balance3,990Gold(Item) Great Adventurer's Greatboots Male.png(Item) Great Adventurer's Greatboots Female.png
Heart of Cold Hikers  (item link)Any4,887Gold(Item) Heart of Cold Hikers Male.png(Item) Heart of Cold Hikers Female.png
Ice Croc's Heavy Waders  (item link)Any4,855Gold(Item) Ice Croc's Heavy Waders Male.png(Item) Ice Croc's Heavy Waders Female.png
Icewind Shaman's Skaters  (item link)Any4,887Gold(Item) Icewind Shaman's Skaters Male.png(Item) Icewind Shaman's Skaters Female.png
Impala's Graceful Dancers  (item link)Balance4,040Gold(Item) Impala's Graceful Dancers Male.png(Item) Impala's Graceful Dancers Female.png
Leopard's Boots of Dark Juju  (item link)Any4,047Gold(Item) Leopard's Boots of Dark Juju Male.png(Item) Leopard's Boots of Dark Juju Female.png
Longdreamer's Tall Tale Boots  (item link)Myth4,237Gold(Item) Longdreamer's Tall Tale Boots Male.png(Item) Longdreamer's Tall Tale Boots Female.png
Noble Boots of the Ancestors  (item link)Any4,105Gold(Item) Noble Boots of the Ancestors Male.png(Item) Noble Boots of the Ancestors Female.png
Pachyderm's Robust Boots  (item link)Life4,255Gold(Item) Pachyderm's Robust Boots Male.png(Item) Pachyderm's Robust Boots Female.png
Riders of the Storm Rangers  (item link)Any4,245Gold(Item) Riders of the Storm Rangers Male.png(Item) Riders of the Storm Rangers Female.png
Spider's Deadly Dancers  (item link)Death4,197Gold(Item) Spider's Deadly Dancers Male.png(Item) Spider's Deadly Dancers Female.png
Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads  (item link)Fire4,160Gold(Item) Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads Male.png(Item) Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads Female.png
Stormfire Rangers  (item link)Any4,195Gold(Item) Stormfire Rangers Male.png(Item) Stormfire Rangers Female.png
Torrential Storm Striders  (item link)Storm4,290Gold(Item) Torrential Storm Striders Male.png(Item) Torrential Storm Striders Female.png
Valiant Boots of Firewalking  (item link)Any4,055Gold(Item) Valiant Boots of Firewalking Male.png(Item) Valiant Boots of Firewalking Female.png
Walking on the Sun Boots  (item link)Any3,930Gold(Item) Walking on the Sun Boots Male.png(Item) Walking on the Sun Boots Female.png
Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers  (item link)Any4,822Gold(Item) Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers Male.png(Item) Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers Female.png
World Stepping Boots  (item link)Any4,112Gold(Item) World Stepping Boots Male.png(Item) World Stepping Boots Female.png
Zebu's Mighty Hooves  (item link)Any4,112Gold(Item) Zebu's Mighty Hooves Male.png(Item) Zebu's Mighty Hooves Female.png

Athame Recipes for Sale

Lion King's Razor Claw  (item link)Any4,240Gold(Item) Lion King's Razor Claw.png
Olyphant's Storied Scimitar  (item link)Any4,242Gold(Item) Olyphant's Storied Scimitar.png
Zamunda's Striped Spear  (item link)Any4,227Gold(Item) Zamunda's Striped Spear.png

Amulet Recipes for Sale

Amulet of Dragons of Old  (item link)Death11,355Gold(Item) Amulet of Dragons of Old.png
Amulet of the Savannah Flame  (item link)Fire12,180Gold(Item) Amulet of the Savannah Flame.png
Charm of Stony Snakes  (item link)Myth12,420Gold(Item) Charm of Stony Snakes.png
Cold Wind Charm of Zamunda  (item link)Ice12,420Gold(Item) Cold Wind Charm of Zamunda.png
Green Collar of Stone Town  (item link)Life12,375Gold(Item) Green Collar of Stone Town.png
Shaka's Tamed Serpent Choker  (item link)Storm12,375Gold(Item) Shaka's Tamed Serpent Choker.png
Sunbright Savannah Necklace  (item link)Balance12,420Gold(Item) Sunbright Savannah Necklace.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Band of the Great Apes  (item link)Any4,242Gold(Item) Band of the Great Apes.png
Circle of Lion's Honor  (item link)Any4,242Gold(Item) Circle of Lion's Honor.png
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring  (item link)Any4,197Gold(Item) Drum Jungle Shelter Ring.png
Elephant's Tusked Loop  (item link)Any4,235Gold(Item) Elephant's Tusked Loop.png
Lion's Seal of Pride  (item link)Any4,242Gold(Item) Lion's Seal of Pride.png
Olyphant's War Ring  (item link)Any4,235Gold(Item) Olyphant's War Ring.png
Shield Circle of Zamunda  (item link)Any4,297Gold(Item) Shield Circle of Zamunda.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Customizable Chalkboard  (item link)15,750Gold(House) Customizable Chalkboard.png
Customizable Framed Sign  (item link)15,750Gold(House) Customizable Framed Sign.png
Tapestry to Drum Jungle  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Tapestry to Drum Jungle.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Customizable Gravestone Sign  (item link)20,850Gold(House) Customizable Gravestone Sign.png
Customizable Grizzleheim Sign  (item link)20,850Gold(House) Customizable Grizzleheim Sign.png
Customizable Marleybone Sign  (item link)15,750Gold(House) Customizable Marleybone Sign.png
Customizable Wizard City Sign  (item link)15,750Gold(House) Customizable Wizard City Sign.png

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