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(NPC) Khan 5.png
Spiral Ark - The Bridge
(NPC) Khan 7.png
Zanadu - Near
Shadow Wall
(NPC) Khan 11.png
Leisure Dome - Zapping
the Thingamabubbler
(NPC) Khan 14.png
Dance Hall - Dancing
(NPC) Khan 17.png
Zanadu Palace
Provides the following bonuses as an ally:
+3% Damage
Empyrea - Aeriel Shores
Empyrea - Aeriel Jungle
Empyrea - Aeriel Jungle - Tower of Sycorax
Empyrea - Aeriel Shores - Spiral Ark (Empyrea)
Empyrea - Zanadu
Empyrea - Zanadu - Gatehouse (Empyrea)
Empyrea - Zanadu - Leisure Dome
Empyrea - Zanadu - Dance Hall
Empyrea - Zanadu - VIP Area
Empyrea - Zanadu - Palace District
Empyrea - Zanadu - Palace

Khan, the lost king of Zanadu, was stranded in the Aeriel Jungle while on a trip long ago with Pork. Now, the Wizard must try to help Khan reconcile with Pork and return to Zanadu in order to save his people, the Alphoi.

See also: King Khan
Gives Quests
» Zanadus and Don'ts
» Welcome to the Leisure Dome
» Negative Reinforcement
» Rebel Rebel
» The Return of the King
Quest Goals
» Zanadus and Don'ts
» Rebel Rebel
Ends Quests
» From A to Z
» Out of His Comfort Zone
» A Hazy Cosmic Jive
» Negative Reinforcement
» Rebel Rebel

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