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NPC:Kazidan the KeenEye

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(NPC) Kazidan the KeenEye.png
Kazidan the KeenEye
Clothing and Wands Recipe Vendor
Khrysalis - Sardonyx - Sardonyx Market
Kazidan the KeenEye is the Khrysalis Clothing and Wands Recipe Trader for Hats, Robes, Boots and Wands. He provides Level 94+ Gear Recipes.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Honor Above All
Ends Quests

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Hat Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Desert Trader's Shroud  (item link)Fire8,028Gold(Item) Desert Trader's Shroud Male.png(Item) Desert Trader's Shroud Female.png
Glider's Helm of Equality  (item link)Balance8,150Gold(Item) Glider's Helm of Equality Male.png(Item) Glider's Helm of Equality Female.png
Helm of Gliding Menace  (item link)Death8,118Gold(Item) Helm of Gliding Menace Male.png(Item) Helm of Gliding Menace Female.png
Helm of Radiance Reborn  (item link)Life8,150Gold(Item) Helm of Radiance Reborn Male.png(Item) Helm of Radiance Reborn Female.png
Helm of the Frozen Glider  (item link)Ice8,143Gold(Item) Helm of the Frozen Glider Male.png(Item) Helm of the Frozen Glider Female.png
Helm of the Wind Glider  (item link)Storm8,105Gold(Item) Helm of the Wind Glider Male.png(Item) Helm of the Wind Glider Female.png
Hood of Desert Rains  (item link)Storm8,260Gold(Item) Hood of Desert Rains Male.png(Item) Hood of Desert Rains Female.png
Hood of Harmonious Trade  (item link)Balance8,160Gold(Item) Hood of Harmonious Trade Male.png(Item) Hood of Harmonious Trade Female.png
Hood of Lost Light  (item link)Myth7,475Gold(Item) Hood of Lost Light Male.png(Item) Hood of Lost Light Female.png
Mantis Cowl of Lamentation  (item link)Death7,965Gold(Item) Mantis Cowl of Lamentation Male.png(Item) Mantis Cowl of Lamentation Female.png
Mantle of Gliders' Acumen  (item link)Myth8,105Gold(Item) Mantle of Gliders' Acumen Male.png(Item) Mantle of Gliders' Acumen Female.png
Nadezha's Cowl of Recovery  (item link)Life8,098Gold(Item) Nadezha's Cowl of Recovery Male.png(Item) Nadezha's Cowl of Recovery Female.png
Phantom Devotee's Helm  (item link)Balance8,145Gold(Item) Phantom Devotee's Helm Male.png(Item) Phantom Devotee's Helm Female.png
SmokeRider's Hood  (item link)Fire8,238Gold(Item) SmokeRider's Hood Male.png(Item) SmokeRider's Hood Female.png
Trader's Hood of Fairness  (item link)Balance8,160Gold(Item) Trader's Hood of Fairness Male.png(Item) Trader's Hood of Fairness Female.png
Trader's Wintery Mantle  (item link)Ice8,225Gold(Item) Trader's Wintery Mantle Male.png(Item) Trader's Wintery Mantle Female.png

Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Armor of Starfrost  (item link)Ice8,910Gold(Item) Armor of Starfrost Male.png(Item) Armor of Starfrost Female.png
Armor of the Clear Mind  (item link)Any8,263Gold(Item) Armor of the Clear Mind Male.png(Item) Armor of the Clear Mind Female.png
Bastion Plate of the Old Times  (item link)Myth8,278Gold(Item) Bastion Plate of the Old Times Male.png(Item) Bastion Plate of the Old Times Female.png
Charred Leaf Raiment  (item link)Any8,273Gold(Item) Charred Leaf Raiment Male.png(Item) Charred Leaf Raiment Female.png
Forlorn Trader's Jerkin  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Forlorn Trader's Jerkin Male.png(Item) Forlorn Trader's Jerkin Female.png
Frost-Tempered Vestment  (item link)Any9,168Gold(Item) Frost-Tempered Vestment Male.png(Item) Frost-Tempered Vestment Female.png
Garb of the Frozen Trader  (item link)Any9,245Gold(Item) Garb of the Frozen Trader Male.png(Item) Garb of the Frozen Trader Female.png
Garb of the Hearty Trader  (item link)Any8,258Gold(Item) Garb of the Hearty Trader Male.png(Item) Garb of the Hearty Trader Female.png
Glider Armor of Stability  (item link)Balance8,268Gold(Item) Glider Armor of Stability Male.png(Item) Glider Armor of Stability Female.png
Glider's Starfall Armor  (item link)Storm8,150Gold(Item) Glider's Starfall Armor Male.png(Item) Glider's Starfall Armor Female.png
Legends of Sardonyx Gear  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Legends of Sardonyx Gear Male.png(Item) Legends of Sardonyx Gear Female.png
Mantis Raiment of Fairness  (item link)Any8,263Gold(Item) Mantis Raiment of Fairness Male.png(Item) Mantis Raiment of Fairness Female.png
Mantis Robes of Snowfall  (item link)Any9,205Gold(Item) Mantis Robes of Snowfall Male.png(Item) Mantis Robes of Snowfall Female.png
Outfit of Mantis Folklore  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Outfit of Mantis Folklore Male.png(Item) Outfit of Mantis Folklore Female.png
Raiment of the Cataclysm  (item link)Death8,245Gold(Item) Raiment of the Cataclysm Male.png(Item) Raiment of the Cataclysm Female.png
Robes of Radiance Reborn  (item link)Life8,263Gold(Item) Robes of Radiance Reborn Male.png(Item) Robes of Radiance Reborn Female.png
Robes of Starfire  (item link)Fire8,300Gold(Item) Robes of Starfire Male.png(Item) Robes of Starfire Female.png
Scorched Desert Gear  (item link)Any8,263Gold(Item) Scorched Desert Gear Male.png(Item) Scorched Desert Gear Female.png
Scorned Merchant's Garb  (item link)Any9,250Gold(Item) Scorned Merchant's Garb Male.png(Item) Scorned Merchant's Garb Female.png
ShipBreaker's Gear of Ruin  (item link)Any8,260Gold(Item) ShipBreaker's Gear of Ruin Male.png(Item) ShipBreaker's Gear of Ruin Female.png
SpiceSeer's Armor of Havoc  (item link)Any8,263Gold(Item) SpiceSeer's Armor of Havoc Male.png(Item) SpiceSeer's Armor of Havoc Female.png
Trader's Armor of Distress  (item link)Any8,258Gold(Item) Trader's Armor of Distress Male.png(Item) Trader's Armor of Distress Female.png
Trader's Armor of Scalding  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Trader's Armor of Scalding Male.png(Item) Trader's Armor of Scalding Female.png
Trader's Fire-Forged Mail  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Trader's Fire-Forged Mail Male.png(Item) Trader's Fire-Forged Mail Female.png
Trader's Glacial Outfit  (item link)Any9,230Gold(Item) Trader's Glacial Outfit Male.png(Item) Trader's Glacial Outfit Female.png
Trader's Steamburned Robe  (item link)Any8,268Gold(Item) Trader's Steamburned Robe Male.png(Item) Trader's Steamburned Robe Female.png
Trader's Winter Garb  (item link)Any9,205Gold(Item) Trader's Winter Garb Male.png(Item) Trader's Winter Garb Female.png
Vestment of True Grit  (item link)Any8,258Gold(Item) Vestment of True Grit Male.png(Item) Vestment of True Grit Female.png

Boots Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Blazing Desert Striders  (item link)Any5,490Gold(Item) Blazing Desert Striders Male.png(Item) Blazing Desert Striders Female.png
Boots of Starfire  (item link)Any5,490Gold(Item) Boots of Starfire Male.png(Item) Boots of Starfire Female.png
Boots of the Cataclysm  (item link)Death3,793Gold(Item) Boots of the Cataclysm Male.png(Item) Boots of the Cataclysm Female.png
Boots of the Charred Leaf  (item link)Any5,368Gold(Item) Boots of the Charred Leaf Male.png(Item) Boots of the Charred Leaf Female.png
Boots of the Desert Trader  (item link)Any5,433Gold(Item) Boots of the Desert Trader Male.png(Item) Boots of the Desert Trader Female.png
Boots of the Fifth Column  (item link)Any5,540Gold(Item) Boots of the Fifth Column Male.png(Item) Boots of the Fifth Column Female.png
Boots of the Just Cause  (item link)Any5,645Gold(Item) Boots of the Just Cause Male.png(Item) Boots of the Just Cause Female.png
Boots of the Nova Tower  (item link)Myth3,873Gold(Item) Boots of the Nova Tower Male.png(Item) Boots of the Nova Tower Female.png
ExaltedBlade's Gliders  (item link)Balance5,450Gold(Item) ExaltedBlade's Gliders Male.png(Item) ExaltedBlade's Gliders Female.png
Footwraps of the FairDeal  (item link)Any5,730Gold(Item) Footwraps of the FairDeal Male.png(Item) Footwraps of the FairDeal Female.png
Frost-Covered Mantis Boots  (item link)Any6,145Gold(Item) Frost-Covered Mantis Boots Male.png(Item) Frost-Covered Mantis Boots Female.png
Frosted Mantis Footgear  (item link)Any6,148Gold(Item) Frosted Mantis Footgear Male.png(Item) Frosted Mantis Footgear Female.png
Glacier Glider's Footgear  (item link)Ice5,635Gold(Item) Glacier Glider's Footgear Male.png(Item) Glacier Glider's Footgear Female.png
Mantis Boots of Foreboding  (item link)Any5,548Gold(Item) Mantis Boots of Foreboding Male.png(Item) Mantis Boots of Foreboding Female.png
Mantis Striders of Triumph  (item link)Any5,653Gold(Item) Mantis Striders of Triumph Male.png(Item) Mantis Striders of Triumph Female.png
Merchant's Chill Boots  (item link)Any6,148Gold(Item) Merchant's Chill Boots Male.png(Item) Merchant's Chill Boots Female.png
Merchant's Tundra Walkers  (item link)Fire6,115Gold(Item) Merchant's Tundra Walkers Male.png(Item) Merchant's Tundra Walkers Female.png
Phantom Devotee's Boots  (item link)Balance3,643Gold(Item) Phantom Devotee's Boots Male.png(Item) Phantom Devotee's Boots Female.png
Sand Devil Stalkers  (item link)Storm5,568Gold(Item) Sand Devil Stalkers Male.png(Item) Sand Devil Stalkers Female.png
Shoes of the BargainHunter  (item link)Any5,548Gold(Item) Shoes of the BargainHunter Male.png(Item) Shoes of the BargainHunter Female.png
Shoes of the Ill-Fated  (item link)Any5,730Gold(Item) Shoes of the Ill-Fated Male.png(Item) Shoes of the Ill-Fated Female.png
Shrine Guardian's Footgear  (item link)Life3,850Gold(Item) Shrine Guardian's Footgear Male.png(Item) Shrine Guardian's Footgear Female.png
Snowglider's Footwear  (item link)Fire5,838Gold(Item) Snowglider's Footwear Male.png(Item) Snowglider's Footwear Female.png
Striders of the RunningOne  (item link)Any5,548Gold(Item) Striders of the RunningOne Male.png(Item) Striders of the RunningOne Female.png
Trader's Footgear of Dread  (item link)Any5,483Gold(Item) Trader's Footgear of Dread Male.png(Item) Trader's Footgear of Dread Female.png
Trader's Hard Winter Boots  (item link)Any6,148Gold(Item) Trader's Hard Winter Boots Male.png(Item) Trader's Hard Winter Boots Female.png
Trader's Shoes of Verglas  (item link)Any6,115Gold(Item) Trader's Shoes of Verglas Male.png(Item) Trader's Shoes of Verglas Female.png
Zelicia's Silent Stalkers  (item link)Any5,540Gold(Item) Zelicia's Silent Stalkers Male.png(Item) Zelicia's Silent Stalkers Female.png
Zoudica's Flame Boots  (item link)Any5,673Gold(Item) Zoudica's Flame Boots Male.png(Item) Zoudica's Flame Boots Female.png

Wand Recipes for Sale

Grey Mantis Halberd  (item link)Any5,873Gold(Item) Grey Mantis Halberd.png
Halberd of Harsh Reality  (item link)Any5,860Gold(Item) Halberd of Harsh Reality.png
Halberd of the Polar Vortex  (item link)Any5,848Gold(Item) Halberd of the Polar Vortex.png
Spear of Ancient Words  (item link)Any5,860Gold(Item) Spear of Ancient Words.png
Spear of Calamitous Intent  (item link)Any5,860Gold(Item) Spear of Calamitous Intent.png
Spear of Mantis Wrath  (item link)Any5,860Gold(Item) Spear of Mantis Wrath.png
Spear of Scalding  (item link)Any5,856Gold(Item) Spear of Scalding.png
Spear of the Fifth Column  (item link)Any5,873Gold(Item) Spear of the Fifth Column.png
Stave of Dread Rachias  (item link)Any6,499Gold(Item) Stave of Dread Rachias.png
Stave of Falling Skies  (item link)Any6,788Gold(Item) Stave of Falling Skies.png
Stave of the Great Burn  (item link)Any6,651Gold(Item) Stave of the Great Burn.png
Stave of the Great Magi  (item link)Any6,598Gold(Item) Stave of the Great Magi.png
Stave of the Kondha Desert  (item link)Any6,460Gold(Item) Stave of the Kondha Desert.png
Stave of the Old Times  (item link)Any6,499Gold(Item) Stave of the Old Times.png
Stave of the Winter Scorpion  (item link)Any6,604Gold(Item) Stave of the Winter Scorpion.png

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