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NPC:Ingulf the Grower

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(NPC) Ingulf the Grower.png
Ingulf the Grower
Equipment Recipes
Grizzleheim - Vestrilund
Ingulf is the Wintertusk recipe vendor for Wands, Athames, Amulets, and Rings. He and his daughter Gerda also grow a fine crop of yams.
Gives Quests
» Yamhanded
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Yamhanded

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Wand Recipes for Sale

Winter's Guardian Axe  (item link)Any4,696Gold(Item) Winter's Guardian Axe.png
Eyes of Judgement  (item link)Any5,227Gold(Item) Eyes of Judgement.png
Blade of Storm's Fury  (item link)Any5,287Gold(Item) Blade of Storm's Fury.png
Hammer of the Stone Sky  (item link)Any5,345Gold(Item) Hammer of the Stone Sky.png
The Edge of the Green  (item link)Any5,484Gold(Item) The Edge of the Green.png
Doom Mace  (item link)Any5,668Gold(Item) Doom Mace.png
Ashen Axe of Wintertusk  (item link)Any6,211Gold(Item) Ashen Axe of Wintertusk.png

Athame Recipes for Sale

Emerald Bear Claw  (item link)Any3,800Gold(Item) Emerald Bear Claw.png
Topaz Bear Claw  (item link)Any3,882Gold(Item) Topaz Bear Claw.png
Garnet Bear Claw  (item link)Any3,980Gold(Item) Garnet Bear Claw.png

Amulet Recipes for Sale

Wild Lightning Amulet  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Wild Lightning Amulet.png
Moon of Talos Amulet  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Moon of Talos Amulet.png
Valor's Blood Necklace  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Valor's Blood Necklace.png
Dark of the Moon Necklace  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Dark of the Moon Necklace.png
Moon's Radiance Necklace  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Moon's Radiance Necklace.png
Pearl of the Elementals  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Pearl of the Elementals.png
Raven Spirit Necklace  (item link)Any3,750Gold(Item) Raven Spirit Necklace.png
Smashing Claw Charm  (item link)Any3,755Gold(Item) Smashing Claw Charm.png
Charm of Northwind's Armor  (item link)Any3,755Gold(Item) Charm of Northwind's Armor.png
Dawnfire Necklace  (item link)Any3,755Gold(Item) Dawnfire Necklace.png
Moon's Grace Necklace  (item link)Any3,760Gold(Item) Moon's Grace Necklace.png
Battlefield Blessing Charm  (item link)Any3,760Gold(Item) Battlefield Blessing Charm.png
Raven's Shadow Necklace  (item link)Any3,760Gold(Item) Raven's Shadow Necklace.png
Northwind's Shielding Charm  (item link)Any3,765Gold(Item) Northwind's Shielding Charm.png
Skystorm Necklace  (item link)Any4,065Gold(Item) Skystorm Necklace.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Wintertusk Ring of Bravery  (item link)Any3,952Gold(Item) Wintertusk Ring of Bravery.png
Wintertusk Ring of Courage  (item link)Any4,025Gold(Item) Wintertusk Ring of Courage.png
Wintertusk Ring of Valor  (item link)Any4,087Gold(Item) Wintertusk Ring of Valor.png

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