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NPC:Harold Argleston

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(NPC) Harold Argleston.png
Harold Argleston
Wizard City - The Commons - Wizard City Library
Harold Argleston is the head librarian at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City. Harold hails from the world of Marleybone and sells basic treasure cards to young students in need.
Gives Quests
» Charge It Up
» Library Dues
» Sell Out
» Dig It (Krokotopia)
» The Carpe Diem Society
» It's Not Here
» Another Delivery
Quest Goals
» Walkabout
» Not so Welcome to Myth
» Inquisition Mission
» Lighting a Fire
» The Carpe Diem Society
» Quiet Storm
» Quiet Chill
» Final Offerings
» Conscience Be Your Guide
» The Untold True Story
» The Ember Days
» Two Heads Are Better Than One
Ends Quests
» Leyden Lab
» History of Magic
» Inter Library Loan
» Updating the News
» Extra Reading
» Book Crooks

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Fire Treasure Cards for Sale

Fire Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Shield.png
Fire Cat200Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Cat.png
Fire Elf250Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Elf.png
Fire Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Trap.png
Sunbird400Gold(Treasure Card) Sunbird.png
Meteor Strike500Gold(Treasure Card) Meteor Strike.png
Glacial Shield700Gold(Treasure Card) Glacial Shield.png
Phoenix1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Phoenix.png
Fireblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Fireblade.png

Ice Treasure Cards for Sale

Snow Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Snow Shield.png
Frost Beetle200Gold(Treasure Card) Frost Beetle.png
Snow Serpent250Gold(Treasure Card) Snow Serpent.png
Stun Block300Gold(Treasure Card) Stun Block.png
Volcanic Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Volcanic Shield.png
Ice Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Ice Trap.png
Evil Snowman400Gold(Treasure Card) Evil Snowman.png
Tower Shield450Gold(Treasure Card) Tower Shield.png
Blizzard500Gold(Treasure Card) Blizzard.png
Ice Wyvern550Gold(Treasure Card) Ice Wyvern.png
Iceblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Iceblade.png

Storm Treasure Cards for Sale

Storm Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Shield.png
Thunder Snake200Gold(Treasure Card) Thunder Snake.png
Lightning Bats250Gold(Treasure Card) Lightning Bats.png
Storm Shark250Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Shark.png
Thermic Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Thermic Shield.png
Storm Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Trap.png
Kraken550Gold(Treasure Card) Kraken.png
Stormblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Stormblade.png
Stormzilla1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Stormzilla.png

Myth Treasure Cards for Sale

Myth Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Myth Shield.png
Blood Bat200Gold(Treasure Card) Blood Bat.png
Troll250Gold(Treasure Card) Troll.png
Ether Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Ether Shield.png
Myth Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Myth Trap.png
Cyclops400Gold(Treasure Card) Cyclops.png
Humongofrog500Gold(Treasure Card) Humongofrog.png
Minotaur1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Minotaur.png
Mythblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Mythblade.png

Life Treasure Cards for Sale

Life Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Life Shield.png
Imp200Gold(Treasure Card) Imp.png
Leprechaun250Gold(Treasure Card) Leprechaun.png
Legend Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Legend Shield.png
Sprite350Gold(Treasure Card) Sprite.png
Life Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Life Trap.png
Nature's Wrath400Gold(Treasure Card) Nature's Wrath.png
Spirit Armor500Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Armor.png
Seraph550Gold(Treasure Card) Seraph.png
Lifeblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Lifeblade.png
Fairy1,600Gold(Treasure Card) Fairy.png

Death Treasure Cards for Sale

Death Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Death Shield.png
Dark Sprite200Gold(Treasure Card) Dark Sprite.png
Ghoul250Gold(Treasure Card) Ghoul.png
Dream Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Dream Shield.png
Death Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Death Trap.png
Banshee400Gold(Treasure Card) Banshee.png
Vampire550Gold(Treasure Card) Vampire.png
Skeletal Pirate1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Skeletal Pirate.png
Deathblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Deathblade.png

Balance Treasure Cards for Sale

Scarab200Gold(Treasure Card) Scarab.png
Scorpion250Gold(Treasure Card) Scorpion.png
Weakness350Gold(Treasure Card) Weakness.png
Locust Swarm400Gold(Treasure Card) Locust Swarm.png
Spirit Blade450Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Blade.png
Elemental Blade450Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Blade.png
Elemental Trap450Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Trap.png
Spirit Trap450Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Trap.png
Sandstorm500Gold(Treasure Card) Sandstorm.png
Spectral Blast550Gold(Treasure Card) Spectral Blast.png
Hex900Gold(Treasure Card) Hex.png
Reshuffle1,100Gold(Treasure Card) Reshuffle.png
Balanceblade2,000Gold(Treasure Card) Balanceblade.png

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