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Mirage - Caravan - West Road
Mirage - Caravan - Central Hub

Guillermel is a Dromel merchant that Wizards rescue during the quest The West Road. He is found traveling with Mauris, the Chronomancer, and Pally PackMan.

After the quest To Caravan!, he becomes a vendor with three separate shops: Guillermel's Reagent Shop, Guillermel's Equipment Shop, and Guillermel's Housing Shop.
Gives Quests
» Ghulture Bones
» Mother Ghulture
» To Caravan!
» Nomadic Needs
Quest Goals
» To Caravan!
Ends Quests
» The West Road
» Ghulture Bones
» Mother Ghulture
» Nomadic Needs

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Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dromel TurbanAny10,012Gold(Item) Dromel Turban Male.png(Item) Dromel Turban Female.png
Battletested Mongu KabalakAny9,252Gold(Item) Battletested Mongu Kabalak Male.png(Item) Battletested Mongu Kabalak Female.png
House Djinni's GhutrahAny13,304Gold(Item) House Djinni's Ghutrah Male.png(Item) House Djinni's Ghutrah Female.png
Desert Nomad's TorbooshAny48,326Gold(Item) Desert Nomad's Torboosh Male.png(Item) Desert Nomad's Torboosh Female.png
Polished Aridian HelmAny9,376Gold(Item) Polished Aridian Helm Male.png(Item) Polished Aridian Helm Female.png
Wasteland Wayfarer's FezAny24,682Gold(Item) Wasteland Wayfarer's Fez Male.png(Item) Wasteland Wayfarer's Fez Female.png
Kufiya of the Rubal WastesAny26,857Gold(Item) Kufiya of the Rubal Wastes Male.png(Item) Kufiya of the Rubal Wastes Female.png
Sand Sea Wanderer's CowlAny14,053Gold(Item) Sand Sea Wanderer's Cowl Male.png(Item) Sand Sea Wanderer's Cowl Female.png
Zruvan Mercenary's HelmetAny20,001Gold(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Helmet Male.png(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Helmet Female.png
Trusted Vizier's MantleAny26,170Gold(Item) Trusted Vizier's Mantle Male.png(Item) Trusted Vizier's Mantle Female.png
Imperial Mottoman HelmAny10,917Gold(Item) Imperial Mottoman Helm Male.png(Item) Imperial Mottoman Helm Female.png
Eerem Courtier's HeadwrapAny14,656Gold(Item) Eerem Courtier's Headwrap Male.png(Item) Eerem Courtier's Headwrap Female.png
Alkali Tombraider's KalpakAny27,057Gold(Item) Alkali Tombraider's Kalpak Male.png(Item) Alkali Tombraider's Kalpak Female.png

Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dromel KhlatAny15,018Gold(Item) Dromel Khlat Male.png(Item) Dromel Khlat Female.png
House Djinni's VestmentAny19,646Gold(Item) House Djinni's Vestment Male.png(Item) House Djinni's Vestment Female.png
Battletested Mongu VestmentAny26,658Gold(Item) Battletested Mongu Vestment Male.png(Item) Battletested Mongu Vestment Female.png
Desert Nomad's ThobeAny34,852Gold(Item) Desert Nomad's Thobe Male.png(Item) Desert Nomad's Thobe Female.png
Wasteland Wayfarer's KhalatAny15,096Gold(Item) Wasteland Wayfarer's Khalat Male.png125x125px
Polished Aridian ArmorAny27,886Gold(Item) Polished Aridian Armor Male.png125x125px
Khalat of the Rubal WastesAny39,749Gold(Item) Khalat of the Rubal Wastes Male.png(Item) Khalat of the Rubal Wastes Female.png
Trusted Vizier's RaimentAny16,332Gold(Item) Trusted Vizier's Raiment Male.png(Item) Trusted Vizier's Raiment Female.png
Sand Sea Wanderer's OutfitAny21,123Gold(Item) Sand Sea Wanderer's Outfit Male.png(Item) Sand Sea Wanderer's Outfit Female.png
Zruvan Mercenary's RaimentAny58,442Gold(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Raiment Male.png(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Raiment Female.png
Alkali Tombraider's ArmorAny17,351Gold(Item) Alkali Tombraider's Armor Male.png(Item) Alkali Tombraider's Armor Female.png
Eerem Courtier's RaimentAny22,372Gold(Item) Eerem Courtier's Raiment Male.png(Item) Eerem Courtier's Raiment Female.png
Imperial Mottoman UniformAny30,470Gold(Item) Imperial Mottoman Uniform Male.png(Item) Imperial Mottoman Uniform Female.png

Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Dromel GaleshAny10,012Gold(Item) Dromel Galesh Male.png(Item) Dromel Galesh Female.png
House Djinni's SlippersAny10,972Gold(Item) House Djinni's Slippers Male.png(Item) House Djinni's Slippers Female.png
Battletested Mongu GivehsAny14,004Gold(Item) Battletested Mongu Givehs Male.png(Item) Battletested Mongu Givehs Female.png
Desert Nomad's StridersAny49,666Gold(Item) Desert Nomad's Striders Male.png(Item) Desert Nomad's Striders Female.png
Polished Aridian FootgearAny14,170Gold(Item) Polished Aridian Footgear Male.png125x125px
Rubal Wastes BabouchesAny22,277Gold(Item) Rubal Wastes Babouches Male.png125x125px
Wasteland Wayfarer's GaleshAny25,263Gold(Item) Wasteland Wayfarer's Galesh Male.png125x125px
Sand Sea Wanderer's StridersAny11,970Gold(Item) Sand Sea Wanderer's Striders Male.png125x125px
Trusted Vizier's ShoesAny26,958Gold(Item) Trusted Vizier's Shoes Male.png(Item) Trusted Vizier's Shoes Female.png
Zruvan Mercenary's GaleshAny30,003Gold(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Galesh Male.png(Item) Zruvan Mercenary's Galesh Female.png
Eerem Courtier's GivehsAny12,803Gold(Item) Eerem Courtier's Givehs Male.png(Item) Eerem Courtier's Givehs Female.png
Imperial Mottoman RunnersAny17,125Gold(Item) Imperial Mottoman Runners Male.png(Item) Imperial Mottoman Runners Female.png
Alkaki Tombraider's WalkersAny28,053Gold(Item) Alkaki Tombraider's Walkers Male.png(Item) Alkaki Tombraider's Walkers Female.png

Wands for Sale

Dromel Banner (Wand)Any2,500Gold(Item) Dromel Banner (Wand).png

Mounts for Sale

Dromel Magic Carpet75,000Gold(Item) Dromel Magic Carpet.png

Castles for Sale

Dromel Dwelling100,000Gold(House) Dromel Dwelling.png

Wall Hangings for Sale

Dromel Banner1,000Gold(House) Dromel Banner.png
Tapestry to Caravan50,000Gold(House) Tapestry to Caravan.png

Decoration for Sale

Mujaad6,250Gold(House) Mujaad.png
Gazim6,250Gold(House) Gazim.png
Small Gold Pile237,500Gold(House) Small Gold Pile.png
Nice Gold Pile356,250Gold(House) Nice Gold Pile.png
Big Gold Pile475,000Gold(House) Big Gold Pile.png

Reagents for Sale

Turmeric500Gold(Reagent) Turmeric.png

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