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NPC:Gretta Darkkettle

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Gretta Darkkettle
Wizard City - Firecat Alley - Gretta Darkkettle's House
Wizard City - Firecat Alley - Cabal Safehouse

Gretta is found within her house just down the road from Fireglobe Theatre. Before Malistaire Drake left Ravenwood, Gretta taught Alchemy at the school, but she had worries about the Death School. When Headmaster Ambrose didn't believe her, she resigned. Gretta is later revealed to be an agent to The Cabal.

For the Boss version of this NPC, see Gretta Darkkettle.
Gives Quests
» Ticklin' da Bones
» Magma Mania
» Oil Rush
Quest Goals
» Dire News
» Hair Stylin'
» Runnin' With Rosin
Ends Quests
» Gotta See Gretta
» Ticklin' da Bones
» Magma Mania

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