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(NPC) Gearwise.png

Description: Gearwise is the Housing Recipe Vendor in Celestia. He is located near the entrance to the Science Center.

Celestia - Celestia Base Camp
Gives Quests:
Quest Goals: Ends Quests:

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Plant Life - Recipes for Sale

Celestian Planter2,925Gold(House) Celestian Planter.png
Leaning Palm Tree6,330Gold(House) Leaning Palm Tree.png
Celestian Tree Sprig9,690Gold(House) Celestian Tree Sprig.png

Wall Hangings - Recipes for Sale

Navy Shield1,875Gold(House) Navy Shield.png
Wall Starfish2,880Gold(House) Wall Starfish.png
Celestian Sconce13,005Gold(House) Celestian Sconce.png
Tapestry to Celestia Base Camp5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to Celestia Base Camp.png

Outdoor - Recipes for Sale

Outrigger Paddles7,515Gold(House) Outrigger Paddles.png

Furniture - Recipes for Sale

Water-Mole Plate2,475Gold(House) Water-Mole Plate.png
Celestian Lamp3,900Gold(House) Celestian Lamp.png
Water-Mole Table8,070Gold(House) Water-Mole Table.png
Celestian Bookshelf9,255Gold(House) Celestian Bookshelf.png
Crab Lean-To13,500Gold(House) Crab Lean-To.png
Star Chalice14,430Gold(House) Star Chalice.png

Decoration - Recipes for Sale

Diving Helmet2,475Gold(House) Diving Helmet.png
Lantern2,520Gold(House) Lantern.png
Dog Biscuits2,730Gold(House) Dog Biscuits.png
Coconut Drink2,850Gold(House) Coconut Drink.png
Celestian Vase3,510Gold(House) Celestian Vase.png
Wheelbarrow4,140Gold(House) Wheelbarrow.png
Conga Drum4,755Gold(House) Conga Drum.png
Tiki Statue6,090Gold(House) Tiki Statue.png
Skinny Tiki Totem6,360Gold(House) Skinny Tiki Totem.png
Crab Chimney8,325Gold(House) Crab Chimney.png
Clam Chair8,715Gold(House) Clam Chair.png
Celestian Magician Statue11,850Gold(House) Celestian Magician Statue.png
Celestian Wishing Well12,675Gold(House) Celestian Wishing Well.png
Cephalopod Obelisk9,780Gold(House) Cephalopod Obelisk.png
Celestian Warrior Statue11,850Gold(House) Celestian Warrior Statue.png
Crab Claw Statue12,720Gold(House) Crab Claw Statue.png
Water-Mole Torch14,325Gold(House) Water-Mole Torch.png
Crystal Street Lamp16,950Gold(House) Crystal Street Lamp.png
Yellow Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Yellow Teleporter.png
White Teleporter26,880Gold(House) White Teleporter.png
Red Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Red Teleporter.png
Purple Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Purple Teleporter.png
Orange Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Orange Teleporter.png
Green Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Green Teleporter.png
Cyan Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Cyan Teleporter.png
Blue Teleporter26,880Gold(House) Blue Teleporter.png

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