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NPC:Felix Navidad

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(NPC) Felix Navidad.png
Felix Navidad
Only present during the Yuletide event.
Wizard City - Shopping District
Felix Navidad is the Yuletide Holiday Vendor (during Christmas). He stands near the fountain in the Shopping District, and sells holiday-exclusive items. Felix usually arrives the first week in December, and leaves the Spiral shortly after the New Year.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Santa HatAny750Crowns(Item) Santa Hat Male.png(Item) Santa Hat Female.png

Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Santa RobeAny1,500Crowns(Item) Santa Robe Male.png(Item) Santa Robe Female.png

Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Santa BootsAny250Crowns(Item) Santa Boots Male.png(Item) Santa Boots Female.png

Wands for Sale

Candle WandAny300Crowns(Item) Candle Wand.png
Candy WandAny300Crowns(Item) Candy Wand.png
Gingerbread WandAny300Crowns(Item) Gingerbread Wand.png
Nutcracker WandAny300Crowns(Item) Nutcracker Wand.png
Sweet StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Sweet Staff.png
Mint StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Mint Staff.png
Ornamental Paper StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Ornamental Paper Staff.png
Star StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Star Staff.png
Candlelight ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Candlelight Scepter.png
Peppermint Stick StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Peppermint Stick Staff.png
Candy Cane StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Candy Cane Staff.png
Peppermint Swirl StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Peppermint Swirl Staff.png
Decorative Nutcracker WandAny300Crowns(Item) Decorative Nutcracker Wand.png
Gingerbread ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Gingerbread Scepter.png
Scepter of the North StarAny300Crowns(Item) Scepter of the North Star.png
Wrapper TapperAny300Crowns(Item) Wrapper Tapper.png
Stave of the Holiday FlameAny300Crowns(Item) Stave of the Holiday Flame.png
Holiday Hook WandAny300Crowns(Item) Holiday Hook Wand.png
Sugar Cane WandAny300Crowns(Item) Sugar Cane Wand.png
Holiday Treat WandAny300Crowns(Item) Holiday Treat Wand.png
Enchanted Nutcracker WandAny300Crowns(Item) Enchanted Nutcracker Wand.png
Gingerbread Army BatonAny300Crowns(Item) Gingerbread Army Baton.png
Stave of PolarisAny300Crowns(Item) Stave of Polaris.png
Wrapping Paper StaffAny300Crowns(Item) Wrapping Paper Staff.png
Shepherd's Candy WandAny500Crowns(Item) Shepherd's Candy Wand.png
Hard Candy SpellcasterAny500Crowns(Item) Hard Candy Spellcaster.png
Festival of Lights ScepterAny500Crowns(Item) Festival of Lights Scepter.png
Candystriped StaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Candystriped Staff.png
Wand of the GingersnapperAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of the Gingersnapper.png
Wand of Rapt JoyAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of Rapt Joy.png
Waltzing Nutcracker StaveAny2,500Crowns(Item) Waltzing Nutcracker Stave.png
Radiant Star WandAny2,500Crowns(Item) Radiant Star Wand.png
Cane of the HolidaysAny500Crowns(Item) Cane of the Holidays.png
Hollypop WandAny500Crowns(Item) Hollypop Wand.png
Torch of Noel WandAny2,500Crowns(Item) Torch of Noel Wand.png
Confectioner's StaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Confectioner's Staff.png
Gingerbread Runner's WandAny500Crowns(Item) Gingerbread Runner's Wand.png
Gift Wrap StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Gift Wrap Staff.png
Nutcracker Prince's BatonAny2,500Crowns(Item) Nutcracker Prince's Baton.png
Star of Wonder StaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Star of Wonder Staff.png
Wand of the Gift GiverAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of the Gift Giver.png
Holiday Cookie WandAny500Crowns(Item) Holiday Cookie Wand.png
Traveler's Star ScepterAny2,500Crowns(Item) Traveler's Star Scepter.png
Nutcracker Knight BatonAny2,500Crowns(Item) Nutcracker Knight Baton.png

Pets for Sale

Frostman1,500Crowns(Pet) Frostman.png
Christmas Elf1,500Crowns(Pet) Christmas Elf.png
Yuletide Spirit3,000Crowns(Pet) Yuletide Spirit.png

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