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NPC:Felicia Worthington

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(NPC) Felicia Worthington.png
Felicia Worthington
Marleybone - Regent's Square

Felicia Worthington is the Crafting trainer in Marleybone. She is located in the northwest area of Regent's Square, outside the Digmoore Station entrance. Felicia provides the quests for the Initiate Crafter Badge.

Felicia is also a Recipe Vendor, selling Equipment, Housing, Transmutation, and Jewel Recipes.
Gives Quests
» Craft Services
» Who Do the MooShu?
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Marleybone Calling
» Craft Services

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Athame Recipes for Sale

Horn of the Unicorn  (item link)Any638Gold(Item) Horn of the Unicorn.png
Spine of the Dragon  (item link)Any319Gold(Item) Spine of the Dragon.png
Stinger of the Scorpion  (item link)Any638Gold(Item) Stinger of the Scorpion.png
Tooth of the Serpent  (item link)Any319Gold(Item) Tooth of the Serpent.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Band of Quintessence  (item link)Any338Gold(Item) Band of Quintessence.png
Constellation Jewel  (item link)Any675Gold(Item) Constellation Jewel.png
Seal of Might  (item link)Any338Gold(Item) Seal of Might.png
Signet of Aptitude  (item link)Any675Gold(Item) Signet of Aptitude.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Blue Wall Tapestry  (item link)685Gold(House) Blue Wall Tapestry.png
Framed Oasis Photo  (item link)770Gold(House) Framed Oasis Photo.png
Tapestry to Regent's Square  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to Regent's Square.png

Outdoor Recipes for Sale

Arched Tombstone  (item link)700Gold(House) Arched Tombstone.png
Pavilion  (item link)775Gold(House) Pavilion.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Arch-Backed Chair  (item link)725Gold(House) Arch-Backed Chair.png
Carved Bookshelf  (item link)680Gold(House) Carved Bookshelf.png
Crimson Scroll Stand  (item link)710Gold(House) Crimson Scroll Stand.png
Exquisite Dining Table  (item link)795Gold(House) Exquisite Dining Table.png
Female Mannequin  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Female Mannequin.png
Horned Endtable  (item link)640Gold(House) Horned Endtable.png
Male Mannequin  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Male Mannequin.png
Monstrodome  (item link)25,000Gold(House) Monstrodome.png
Peaked Chair  (item link)690Gold(House) Peaked Chair.png
Square-Backed Chair  (item link)685Gold(House) Square-Backed Chair.png
Torii-Backed Chair  (item link)765Gold(House) Torii-Backed Chair.png
Vault-Backed Chair  (item link)735Gold(House) Vault-Backed Chair.png
Weapon Rack  (item link)695Gold(House) Weapon Rack.png
Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf  (item link)785Gold(House) Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Alchemy 101  (item link)650Gold(House) Alchemy 101.png
Ringed Rug  (item link)765Gold(House) Ringed Rug.png
Round Stone Column  (item link)780Gold(House) Round Stone Column.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Transmute Bronze Gear  (item link)150Gold(Reagent) Bronze Gear.png
Transmute Diamond  (item link)200Gold(Reagent) Diamond.png
Transmute Scrap Iron  (item link)300Gold(Reagent) Scrap Iron.png
Transmute Spring  (item link)400Gold(Reagent) Spring.png

Jewel Recipes for Sale

Balance Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Death Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Ice Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Life Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Fire Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Myth Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Storm Jewel 15 - 25750Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png

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