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(NPC) Fabian.png
Polaris - Walruskberg
Fabian is the Wand & Deck Vendor in Polaris. He is located in the southwest area of Walruskberg. His shop is called "Fabian's Boutique."
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Wands for Sale

Urville Station SaberAny25,600Gold(Item) Urville Station Saber.png
Polarian Bleaks HandaxeAny19,520Gold(Item) Polarian Bleaks Handaxe.png
Enchanter's New Horizon WandAny17,188Gold(Item) Enchanter's New Horizon Wand.png
Urville Sword of FlamesFire24,690Gold(Item) Urville Sword of Flames.png
Bleaks Hatchet of PyresFire22,380Gold(Item) Bleaks Hatchet of Pyres.png
Enchanter's Fervid WandFire26,315Gold(Item) Enchanter's Fervid Wand.png
Urville Saber of WintertideIce24,970Gold(Item) Urville Saber of Wintertide.png
Axe of the Frosty BleaksIce21,960Gold(Item) Axe of the Frosty Bleaks.png
Enchanter's Ice Floe StaveIce21,300Gold(Item) Enchanter's Ice Floe Stave.png
Urville Cutlass of SnowgustsStorm24,970Gold(Item) Urville Cutlass of Snowgusts.png
Bleaks Axe of SnowstormsStorm21,610Gold(Item) Bleaks Axe of Snowstorms.png
Enchanter's Lightning WandStorm26,618Gold(Item) Enchanter's Lightning Wand.png
Urville Saber of GuileMyth24,410Gold(Item) Urville Saber of Guile.png
Bleaks Hatchet of MischiefMyth21,890Gold(Item) Bleaks Hatchet of Mischief.png
Enchanter's Stave of ReverieMyth25,055Gold(Item) Enchanter's Stave of Reverie.png
Urville Sword of ElationLife24,970Gold(Item) Urville Sword of Elation.png
Bleaks Bardiche of VigorLife21,960Gold(Item) Bleaks Bardiche of Vigor.png
Enchanter's Wand of CourageLife21,300Gold(Item) Enchanter's Wand of Courage.png
Urville Saber of AnguishDeath24,690Gold(Item) Urville Saber of Anguish.png
Bleaks Axe of DespairDeath21,400Gold(Item) Bleaks Axe of Despair.png
Enchanter's Terminus StaveDeath22,863Gold(Item) Enchanter's Terminus Stave.png
Urville Sword of HonorBalance24,690Gold(Item) Urville Sword of Honor.png
Noble Axe of the BleaksBalance21,400Gold(Item) Noble Axe of the Bleaks.png
Enchanter's Wand of PoiseBalance22,863Gold(Item) Enchanter's Wand of Poise.png

Decks for Sale

Urville Station AssemblageAny11,064Gold(Item) Urville Station Assemblage.png
Sheaf of the Polarian BleaksAny39,060Gold(Item) Sheaf of the Polarian Bleaks.png
Enchanter's New Horizon DeckAny41,300Gold(Item) Enchanter's New Horizon Deck.png
Scorched Urville DeckFire10,124Gold(Item) Scorched Urville Deck.png
Bleaks Deck of CampfiresFire39,480Gold(Item) Bleaks Deck of Campfires.png
Enchanter's Fervid DeckFire39,760Gold(Item) Enchanter's Fervid Deck.png
Urville Cards of WintertideIce10,703Gold(Item) Urville Cards of Wintertide.png
Set of the Frosted BleaksIce40,040Gold(Item) Set of the Frosted Bleaks.png
Enchanter's Ice Floe CardsIce39,620Gold(Item) Enchanter's Ice Floe Cards.png
Urville Bevy of SnowgustsStorm10,337Gold(Item) Urville Bevy of Snowgusts.png
Bleaks Pack of SnowstormsStorm39,480Gold(Item) Bleaks Pack of Snowstorms.png
Enchanter's Lightning PackStorm40,180Gold(Item) Enchanter's Lightning Pack.png
Urville Hand of InquiryMyth10,157Gold(Item) Urville Hand of Inquiry.png
Bleaks Cards of MischiefMyth39,620Gold(Item) Bleaks Cards of Mischief.png
Enchanter's Hand of ReverieMyth39,760Gold(Item) Enchanter's Hand of Reverie.png
Urville Gallery of ElationLife10,537Gold(Item) Urville Gallery of Elation.png
Bleaks Gallery of VigorLife40,040Gold(Item) Bleaks Gallery of Vigor.png
Enchanter's Deck of CourageLife39,620Gold(Item) Enchanter's Deck of Courage.png
Urville Cards of AnguishDeath10,190Gold(Item) Urville Cards of Anguish.png
Bleaks Hand of DespairDeath39,760Gold(Item) Bleaks Hand of Despair.png
Enchanter's Terminus GalleryDeath39,620Gold(Item) Enchanter's Terminus Gallery.png
Urville Parcel of HonorBalance10,257Gold(Item) Urville Parcel of Honor.png
Noble Cards of the BleaksBalance39,760Gold(Item) Noble Cards of the Bleaks.png
Enchanter's Array of PoiseBalance39,620Gold(Item) Enchanter's Array of Poise.png

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