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(NPC) Eggbert.png

Description: Eggbert is the Holiday NPC that appears just for Easter and sells exclusive items themed for the holiday.

This NPC is only around during the Easter festivities.

Wizard City - Shopping District
Gives Quests:
Quest Goals: Ends Quests:

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Wands for Sale

Spring Egg WandAny300Crowns(Item) Spring Egg Wand.png
Floppy-Eared WandAny300Crowns(Item) Floppy-Eared Wand.png
Hatchling WandAny1,500Crowns(Item) Hatchling Wand.png
Staff of the CheeperAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of the Cheeper.png
Spring Chicken ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Spring Chicken Scepter.png
Bunny WandAny300Crowns(Item) Bunny Wand.png
Egg Basket WandAny1,500Crowns(Item) Egg Basket Wand.png
Scepter of the SpringAny500Crowns(Item) Scepter of the Spring.png
Half-Shell WandAny300Crowns(Item) Half-Shell Wand.png
Spring ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Spring Scepter.png
Hop-Hopping WandAny1,500Crowns(Item) Hop-Hopping Wand.png
Staff of the White RabbitAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of the White Rabbit.png
Hatchling ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Hatchling Scepter.png
Scepter of Spring's BountyAny300Crowns(Item) Scepter of Spring's Bounty.png
Spring Bunny ScepterAny300Crowns(Item) Spring Bunny Scepter.png
Chirping StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Chirping Staff.png
Staff of the EquinoxAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of the Equinox.png
Staff of the HopperAny2,500Crowns(Item) Staff of the Hopper.png
Baby Bird WandAny500Crowns(Item) Baby Bird Wand.png
Painted Egg WandAny500Crowns(Item) Painted Egg Wand.png
Rascally Rabbit WandAny500Crowns(Item) Rascally Rabbit Wand.png
Stave of TweetsAny2,500Crowns(Item) Stave of Tweets.png
Wand of the NestlingAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of the Nestling.png
Staff of the Egg HunterAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of the Egg Hunter.png
Long-Eared Bunny WandAny500Crowns(Item) Long-Eared Bunny Wand.png
Baton of the CottontailAny2,500Crowns(Item) Baton of the Cottontail.png
First Bird of Spring WandAny500Crowns(Item) First Bird of Spring Wand.png
Staff of SpringtimeAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of Springtime.png
Wand of the Spring ConeyAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of the Spring Coney.png
Wild Hare ScepterAny2,500Crowns(Item) Wild Hare Scepter.png
Spring Fledgling BatonAny500Crowns(Item) Spring Fledgling Baton.png
Baton of New BeginingsAny500Crowns(Item) Baton of New Beginings.png
Wand of the March HareAny500Crowns(Item) Wand of the March Hare.png
Hopper Topper WandAny2,500Crowns(Item) Hopper Topper Wand.png
Staff of the Spring SongAny500Crowns(Item) Staff of the Spring Song.png
Egg Hunter's StaffAny500Crowns(Item) Egg Hunter's Staff.png
Long-Eared Bunny ScepterAny500Crowns(Item) Long-Eared Bunny Scepter.png
Baton of the Spring HareAny2,500Crowns(Item) Baton of the Spring Hare.png

Pets for Sale

Pet Egg2,000Crowns(Pet) Pet Egg.png

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