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(NPC) Ea'rik.png
Furniture Shopkeeper
Krokotopia - Krokosphinx
Ea'rik is the "Furniture Shop Keeper" in Krokotopia. He is located in the southeast area of the Krokosphinx.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Plant Life for Sale

Palm Shrub230Gold(House) Palm Shrub.png

Wall Hangings for Sale

Red Krok Sconce300Gold(House) Red Krok Sconce.png

Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

Checkered Stone Floor200Gold(House) Checkered Stone Floor.png
Weathered Wood Floor200Gold(House) Weathered Wood Floor.png
Onyx Tiles225Gold(House) Onyx Tiles.png
Clapboard Wallpaper250Gold(House) Clapboard Wallpaper.png
Plaster Wallpaper250Gold(House) Plaster Wallpaper.png
Sandstone Tiles250Gold(House) Sandstone Tiles.png
Solar Pattern Wallpaper275Gold(House) Solar Pattern Wallpaper.png
Maize Squares Floor300Gold(House) Maize Squares Floor.png
Lime Squares Floor300Gold(House) Lime Squares Floor.png
Yellow Squares Floor300Gold(House) Yellow Squares Floor.png
Violet Squares Floor300Gold(House) Violet Squares Floor.png
Lilac Squares Floor300Gold(House) Lilac Squares Floor.png
Salmon Squares Floor300Gold(House) Salmon Squares Floor.png
Red Squares Floor300Gold(House) Red Squares Floor.png
Pink Squares Floor300Gold(House) Pink Squares Floor.png
Orange Squares Floor300Gold(House) Orange Squares Floor.png
Grey Squares Floor300Gold(House) Grey Squares Floor.png
Green Squares Floor300Gold(House) Green Squares Floor.png
Brown Squares Floor300Gold(House) Brown Squares Floor.png
Purple Squares Floor300Gold(House) Purple Squares Floor.png
Cyan Squares Floor300Gold(House) Cyan Squares Floor.png
Blue Squares Floor300Gold(House) Blue Squares Floor.png
Black Squares Floor300Gold(House) Black Squares Floor.png
Lime Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Lime Stripes Wallpaper.png
Yellow Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Yellow Stripes Wallpaper.png
Violet Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Violet Stripes Wallpaper.png
Lilac Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Lilac Stripes Wallpaper.png
Salmon Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Salmon Stripes Wallpaper.png
Red Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Red Stripes Wallpaper.png
Pink Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Pink Stripes Wallpaper.png
Orange Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Orange Stripes Wallpaper.png
Grey Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Grey Stripes Wallpaper.png
Green Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Green Stripes Wallpaper.png
Brown Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Brown Stripes Wallpaper.png
Purple Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Purple Stripes Wallpaper.png
Cyan Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Cyan Stripes Wallpaper.png
Blue Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Blue Stripes Wallpaper.png
Black Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Black Stripes Wallpaper.png
Maize Stripes Wallpaper300Gold(House) Maize Stripes Wallpaper.png
Hieroglyph Wall Decor300Gold(House) Hieroglyph Wall Decor.png
Clouded Wall Screen885Gold(House) Clouded Wall Screen.png

Outdoor for Sale

Pile of Sand160Gold(House) Pile of Sand.png
Rope Fence180Gold(House) Rope Fence.png
Stone Block205Gold(House) Stone Block.png
Long Broken Wall295Gold(House) Long Broken Wall.png
Angled Broken Wall300Gold(House) Angled Broken Wall.png
Short Broken Wall305Gold(House) Short Broken Wall.png
Scaffolding450Gold(House) Scaffolding.png
Pile of Sandstone1,275Gold(House) Pile of Sandstone.png

Furniture for Sale

Long Bench295Gold(House) Long Bench.png
Worn Wooden Table315Gold(House) Worn Wooden Table.png
Green Stool320Gold(House) Green Stool.png
Light Wooden Chair325Gold(House) Light Wooden Chair.png
Green Bench340Gold(House) Green Bench.png
Krok Cauldron345Gold(House) Krok Cauldron.png
Doused Krok Brazier365Gold(House) Doused Krok Brazier.png
Large Worn Table380Gold(House) Large Worn Table.png
Small Purple Rug380Gold(House) Small Purple Rug.png
Wooden Chest465Gold(House) Wooden Chest.png
Golden Endtable475Gold(House) Golden Endtable.png
Krokotopian Woven Rug485Gold(House) Krokotopian Woven Rug.png
Scroll Case (Krokotopia)495Gold(House) Scroll Case (Krokotopia).png
Hieroglyphic Bookshelf495Gold(House) Hieroglyphic Bookshelf.png
Basic Crafting Station500Gold(House) Basic Crafting Station.png
Solar-Emblem Bed535Gold(House) Solar-Emblem Bed.png
Krokotopian Dresser550Gold(House) Krokotopian Dresser.png
Card Crafting Station1,500Gold(House) Card Crafting Station.png
Housing Crafting Station1,500Gold(House) Housing Crafting Station.png
Equipment Crafting Station1,500Gold(House) Equipment Crafting Station.png

Decoration for Sale

Small Stack of Wood75Gold(House) Small Stack of Wood.png
Worn Shovel95Gold(House) Worn Shovel.png
Black Checker100Gold(House) Black Checker.png
Red Checker100Gold(House) Red Checker.png
Campfire120Gold(House) Campfire.png
Pickaxe125Gold(House) Pickaxe.png
Bowl of Lettuce125Gold(House) Bowl of Lettuce.png
Short Ladder205Gold(House) Short Ladder.png
Purple Floor Torch220Gold(House) Purple Floor Torch.png
Facetted Column255Gold(House) Facetted Column.png
Handled Curing Vase295Gold(House) Handled Curing Vase.png
Tall Painted Pillar315Gold(House) Tall Painted Pillar.png
Wide Painted Pedestal325Gold(House) Wide Painted Pedestal.png
Small Painted Obelisk345Gold(House) Small Painted Obelisk.png
Painted Column350Gold(House) Painted Column.png
Krok Balance Tablet375Gold(House) Krok Balance Tablet.png
Red Party Gift395Gold(House) Red Party Gift.png
Hopscotch Mat465Gold(House) Hopscotch Mat.png
Painted Chameleon Statue575Gold(House) Painted Chameleon Statue.png
Chessboard1,000Gold(House) Chessboard.png

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