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NPC:Cantares Five Flowers

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(NPC) Cantares Five Flowers.png
Cantares Five Flowers
Azteca - Saltmeadow Swamp
A friend of Jade Wind-Sun, and seller of Transcendent-Level crafted housing recipes.
Gives Quests
» Funky Monkey
» Monkey Men
» Monkey Business
» Night of the Hungry Dead
» Art of Song
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Rattle and Horn
» Funky Monkey
» Monkey Men
» Night of the Hungry Dead
» Monkey Wrench

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Castle Recipes for Sale

Treetop Getaway  (item link)65,000Gold(House) Treetop Getaway.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Tapestry to Floating Mountains  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Tapestry to Floating Mountains.png
Tapestry to Zocalo  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Tapestry to Zocalo.png

Outdoor Recipes for Sale

Azteca Archway  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Azteca Archway.png
Azteca Kiln  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Azteca Kiln.png
Azteca Scaffolding  (item link)27,000Gold(House) Azteca Scaffolding.png
Azure Azteca Column  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Azure Azteca Column.png
Dino Pillar  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Dino Pillar.png
Gold Azteca Column  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Gold Azteca Column.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Avian Bed  (item link)40,500Gold(House) Avian Bed.png
Azteca Altar  (item link)36,000Gold(House) Azteca Altar.png
Azteca Chair  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Azteca Chair.png
Dino Bed  (item link)40,500Gold(House) Dino Bed.png
Feathered Throne  (item link)45,000Gold(House) Feathered Throne.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Axe Rack  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Axe Rack.png
Azteca Brazier  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Azteca Brazier.png
Azteca Canoe  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Azteca Canoe.png
Azteca Cart  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Azteca Cart.png
Carved Atlatl  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Carved Atlatl.png
Empty Sarcophagus  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Empty Sarcophagus.png
Fancy Canoe  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Fancy Canoe.png
Jaguar Loom  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Jaguar Loom.png
Magic Mirror  (item link)38,250Gold(House) Magic Mirror.png
Obscure Codex  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Obscure Codex.png
Shell Coat  (item link)33,750Gold(House) Shell Coat.png
Tool Rack  (item link)31,500Gold(House) Tool Rack.png

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