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(NPC) Brandon.png
Polaris - Forlorn Tayg - Hunter's Camp

Brandon is a graduate of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, and a member of the Dragonhorn Order, who's come to Polaris in search of the fabled Borealis Dragon.

When he's encountered in Forlorn Tayg, Brandon invites Wizards to join the Dragonhorn Order and advocates for Wizards' acceptance, sending them to Dragonspyre to complete the Scales of Judgment Rites as their final task for admitance into the Order. As Wizards' advocate, Brandon is also obliged to assist them in their Rite, and gives Wizards a few Treasure Cards to summon him in case his assistance is required.

Brandon was introduced on August 3, 2016, after Brandon visited Kingsisle through Make-A-Wish.
Gives Quests
» Trial by Dragon's Fire
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Trial by Dragon's Fire

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