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NPC:Balthazar Dragonthorn

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(NPC) Balthazar Dragonthorn.png
Balthazar Dragonthorn
Master Artisan
Dragonspyre - The Atheneum

Balthazar Dragonthorn is a Crafting instructor and Recipe Vendor in Dragonspyre. He is located in the southeast area of The Atheneum.

In order to earn the Master Artisan Crafter Badge, Balthazar needs the Wizard to craft two (2) Rings of Apotheosis, two (2) School-specific Robes, and two (2) Crimson Book Stands.

Balthazar sells Recipes for Robes, Athames, Rings, Housing, Transmutations, and Jewels.
Gives Quests
» Two Ring Circus
» Needle and Luck
» Needle and Bone
» Needle and Flame
» Needle and Frost
» Needle and Vine
» Needle and Fate
» Needle and Rain
» Iron Craft Dragonspyre
» To the Seas
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Dragon Your Feet
» Two Ring Circus
» Needle and Luck
» Needle and Bone
» Needle and Flame
» Needle and Frost
» Needle and Vine
» Needle and Fate
» Needle and Rain
» Iron Craft Dragonspyre

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Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Flamesoul Cloak  (item link)Life1,500Gold(Item) Flamesoul Cloak Male.png(Item) Flamesoul Cloak Female.png

Athame Recipes for Sale

Immortal Blade  (item link)Any531Gold(Item) Immortal Blade.png
Imperial Blade  (item link)Any1,063Gold(Item) Imperial Blade.png
Inspirational Blade  (item link)Any1,063Gold(Item) Inspirational Blade.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Ring of Apotheosis  (item link)Any1,125Gold(Item) Ring of Apotheosis.png
Seal of the Exemplar  (item link)Any1,125Gold(Item) Seal of the Exemplar.png
Signet of Perfection  (item link)Any563Gold(Item) Signet of Perfection.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Dragonspyre Academy Tapestry  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Dragonspyre Academy Tapestry.png
Portrait of Lydia Greyrose  (item link)2,400Gold(House) Portrait of Lydia Greyrose.png
Professor Ambrose  (item link)2,400Gold(House) Professor Ambrose.png
Tapestry to The Basilica  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to The Basilica.png
Winged Plaque  (item link)6,000Gold(House) Winged Plaque.png
Wooden Wall Clock  (item link)10,500Gold(House) Wooden Wall Clock.png

Outdoor Recipes for Sale

Baddle Music Player  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Baddle Music Player.png
Brick-Walled Pond  (item link)2,730Gold(House) Brick-Walled Pond.png
Carousel  (item link)40,000Gold(House) Carousel.png
Grassy Mound  (item link)2,370Gold(House) Grassy Mound.png
Large Astral Tent  (item link)17,640Gold(House) Large Astral Tent.png
Large Starry Tent  (item link)16,950Gold(House) Large Starry Tent.png
Large Yellow Tent  (item link)14,925Gold(House) Large Yellow Tent.png
Marble Watch Tower  (item link)3,360Gold(House) Marble Watch Tower.png
Square Clocktower  (item link)3,350Gold(House) Square Clocktower.png
Water Fountain  (item link)2,700Gold(House) Water Fountain.png
Wooden Water Tower  (item link)2,150Gold(House) Wooden Water Tower.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Bevelled Corner Counter  (item link)9,750Gold(House) Bevelled Corner Counter.png
Fancy Counter  (item link)8,925Gold(House) Fancy Counter.png
Lg. Keeper Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,750Gold(House) Lg. Keeper Lava Aquarium.png
Lg. Small Fry Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Lg. Small Fry Lava Aquarium.png
Lg. Whopper Lava Aquarium  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Lg. Whopper Lava Aquarium.png
Reg. Keeper Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,750Gold(House) Reg. Keeper Lava Aquarium.png
Reg. Small Fry Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Reg. Small Fry Lava Aquarium.png
Reg. Whopper Lava Aquarium  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Reg. Whopper Lava Aquarium.png
Spired Bed  (item link)2,210Gold(House) Spired Bed.png
Tall Keeper Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,750Gold(House) Tall Keeper Lava Aquarium.png
Tall Small Fry Lava Aquarium  (item link)2,500Gold(House) Tall Small Fry Lava Aquarium.png
Tall Whopper Lava Aquarium  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tall Whopper Lava Aquarium.png
Wyrm-Crowned Bed  (item link)2,400Gold(House) Wyrm-Crowned Bed.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Transmute Ectoplasm  (item link)150Gold(Reagent) Ectoplasm.png
Transmute Fire Blossom  (item link)400Gold(Reagent) Fire Blossom.png
Transmute Fossil  (item link)200Gold(Reagent) Fossil.png
Transmute Lava Lily  (item link)300Gold(Reagent) Lava Lily.png

Jewel Recipes for Sale

Balance Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Death Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Fire Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Ice Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Life Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Myth Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Storm Jewel 25 - 451,500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png

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