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NPC:Aleta Masterson

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(NPC) Aleta Masterson.png
Aleta Masterson
Celestia - Celestia Base Camp
She is Celestia's Wand and Athame Vendor. She is located between the entrances to the Spiral Chamber and Stormriven.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Wands for Sale

Sharkfin SwordAny11,250Gold(Item) Sharkfin Sword.png
Epic SwordAny11,250Gold(Item) Epic Sword.png
Mako's Pure BladeAny11,250Gold(Item) Mako's Pure Blade.png
Diamond DustbladeAny11,250Gold(Item) Diamond Dustblade.png
Flame-Forged FalchionAny11,250Gold(Item) Flame-Forged Falchion.png
Cutlass of CatastropheAny11,250Gold(Item) Cutlass of Catastrophe.png
ScaleswordAny11,250Gold(Item) Scalesword.png

Athames for Sale

Engineer's KnifeAny4,333Gold(Item) Engineer's Knife.png
Sinister ClawDeath7,200Gold(Item) Sinister Claw.png
Flourishing DaggerLife7,467Gold(Item) Flourishing Dagger.png
Poniard of PrinciplesBalance7,467Gold(Item) Poniard of Principles.png
Thunderstruck SteelStorm7,700Gold(Item) Thunderstruck Steel.png
Arcane ClawMyth8,333Gold(Item) Arcane Claw.png
Scorched Twin BladesFire8,333Gold(Item) Scorched Twin Blades.png
Piercing PoniardIce9,475Gold(Item) Piercing Poniard.png
Longevity Twin BladesAny6,229Gold(Item) Longevity Twin Blades.png
Supreme StilettoAny11,807Gold(Item) Supreme Stiletto.png

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