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(NPC) Actaeon.png
(NPC) Actaeon 2.png
Beastmoon Rewards » Battle Card Vendor
Wizard City - Unicorn Way - Arena
Actaeon is both a crafting Vendor for the Beastmoon Event in the Arena, and a Battle Card Vendor in the Beastmoon Event.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Robe Recipes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Balanced Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Balanced Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Balanced Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Blooming Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Blooming Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Blooming Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Blustery Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Blustery Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Blustery Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Boreas' Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Boreas' Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Boreas' Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Brisk Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Brisk Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Brisk Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Ceres' Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Ceres' Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Ceres' Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Deathly Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Deathly Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Deathly Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Devastating Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Devastating Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Devastating Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Fabled Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Fabled Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Fabled Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Fiery Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Fiery Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Fiery Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Ghastly Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Ghastly Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Ghastly Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Harmonious Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Harmonious Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Harmonious Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Icy Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Icy Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Icy Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Infamous Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Infamous Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Infamous Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Janus' Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Janus' Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Janus' Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Jupiter's Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Jupiter's Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Jupiter's Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Lively Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Lively Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Lively Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Morbid Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Morbid Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Morbid Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Morpheus' Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Morpheus' Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Morpheus' Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Mythic Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Mythic Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Mythic Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Pluto's Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Pluto's Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Pluto's Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Scorching Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Scorching Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Scorching Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Simmering Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Simmering Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Simmering Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Steady Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any25Lunari(Item) Steady Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Steady Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Stormy Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any250Lunari(Item) Stormy Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Stormy Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Vivacious Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Vivacious Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Vivacious Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Vulcan's Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any1,500Lunari(Item) Vulcan's Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Vulcan's Beastmoon Plate Female.png
Wintry Beastmoon Plate  (item link)Any750Lunari(Item) Wintry Beastmoon Plate Male.png(Item) Wintry Beastmoon Plate Female.png

Seeds Recipes for Sale

Balance Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Beastmoon Seed  (item link)25Lunari125x125px
Death Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Element Moon Seed  (item link)75Lunari125x125px
Fire Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Ice Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Life Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Myth Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px
Spirit Moon Seed  (item link)75Lunari125x125px
Storm Moon Seed  (item link)150Lunari125x125px

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Elemental Moonstone  (item link)25Lunari(Reagent) Elemental Moonstone.png
Spirit Moonstone  (item link)25Lunari(Reagent) Spirit Moonstone.png
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