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(Location) Waterworks.png

Wizard City - Crab Alley - Waterworks (This is an Instance)

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This tower is only available to Legendary Wizards (or higher) and becomes accessible from the quest You Go First.... It is one of the hardest towers in Wizard101 and home of two cheating bosses: Luska Charmbeak and Sylster Glowstorm. In this dungeon, Sylster Glowstorm and his minions are trying to drain all of the magic from the Spiral with a swirling Vortex, sucking it all up. This dungeon is the only known area as of June 2011 to drop level 60 gear, mega pet snacks, and mastery school amulets. The Waterworks is also home to the one of the strongest foes in the game, Sylster Glowstorm.

Map Location

(Map) Waterworks.png

Connects To

Crab Alley

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Entrance Chamber:

When you first enter, Glurrup is here to warn you about the dangers inside (cheating) and the Vortex in the chamber.
After you close the Drain Valve and the Vortex, your final fight is here against:
Sylster Glowstorm and his minions, Water-Wing and Spellhammer Sorcerer
(See Sylster Glowstorm's page for details on how he cheats.)

Level 2: First passageway:

First Room: 2 Fintooth Warlocks and 2 Slithering Eels
Second Room: 2 Hydromatic Drones and 2 Rivershell Guards
When the fight initiates it pulls in all players at the same time, in the order they entered the room.
This room contains the first lever.

Level 3: Second passageway:

First Room: Open the BLUE clams quickly, before the red wisps vanish! (Timer starts when you enter the room!)
Succeed and you get a room of red wisps, fail and you fight 4 Swimming Specters.
Second Room: Luska Charmbeak, a major cheater, is here
(Visit Luska Charmbeak's page for details.)
This room contains the second lever.

Level 4: Third Passageway:

First Room: 2 Fintooth Marauders and 2 Wingfin Slicers
Second Room: 2 Rivershell Shamans and 2 Stormtide Elementals
This room contains the third lever.

Level 5: Fourth Passageway:

First Room: Pull the levers in order by playing "Follow the Leader" with the Eel
Succeed and you get a room of red wisps, fail and you fight 4 Slithering Eels
Second Room: 2 Riverclaws and 2 Celestian Constructs
This room contains the fourth lever.
After this, you head back to the Entrance Chamber above to close the Drain Valve and face your final foe, Sylster Glowstorm.


Reagents Harvested Here

Black Pearl
Golden Pearl

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

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