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Location:Tower of the Helephant

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(Location) Tower of the Helephant.png

Wysteria - Pegasus Place - Tower of the Helephant (This is an Instance)

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This is a very difficult dungeon in which Lyon Lorestriker has sealed himself with the Heart of the Helephant. This tower is only available to Legendary Wizards who start the quest Tower of the Helephant.

Map Location

(Map) Tower of the Helephant.png

Connects To

Pegasus Place

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Ervin the Barbarian, Taurus the Clever, Tonkatsu Thug, Tonkatsu Thug
Level 2: RazorLeaf Treant, RazorLeaf Treant, Volcanis Golem, Volcanis Golem
Level 3: Kaimanite Mummy, Kaimanite Mummy, Saberclaw Brute, Saberclaw Brute
Level 4: Vulpine Vandal, Vulpine Vandal, Vulpine Vandal, Vulpine Vandal
             Take the Teleporters with the cheese platter near it. If you fail, you will have to fight 4 Vulpine Vandals
Level 5: Chelicaran Crawler, Chelicaran Stalker, Chelicaran Stalker, Chelicaran Stalker
Level 6: Kogasha, Arachnite Creeper, Arachnite Creeper, Arachnite Creeper
Level 7: Lyon Lorestriker
             (who summons multiple Lyon Lorestriker Minions)


Reagents Harvested Here

No harvested Reagents are reported here

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

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