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Location:The Oasis Secret Shop

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(Location) The Oasis Secret Shop.png

Krokotopia - The Oasis - The Oasis Secret Shop

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This spot has a hidden market run by Sed Talam and a hidden spell trainer Tish'mah.

How to get to this location

Go to the far left hand part of the market where there are a pair of obelisks with an hourglass on the bottom

(see image).

The red vertical lines with circles represent time, and every 10 minutes another circle fills red. You can go to different Realms and each Realm is on a different timer, so some Realms may have more or less circles filled. After the obelisks are entirely filled with red, their tops will shine, and the portal between them will activate.
Stepping on the portal will transport you to the market, and after entering the shop 5 times you will receive the Secret Shopper badge.

Map Location

(Map) The Oasis Secret Shop.png

Connects To

The Oasis


No Creatures are reported here


Reagents Harvested Here

No harvested Reagents are reported here

Locked Chests Here

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Fish Caught Here

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