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Location:The Great Spyre

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(Location) The Crown of Fire.png

Dragonspyre - The Great Spyre (This is an Instance)

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The Great Spyre (also known as Malistaire's Lair) is the final instance of Dragonspyre. This dungeon consists of six mapped Sub-Locations.

How To Get To Malistaire Drake:

  • From the North-East area of The Path of Scales, follow the path down and around to the other Lower Great Spyre entrance in the South area of the map.
  • From the West area of the Lower Great Spyre, cross the large chain and then follow the cliff edge to the West and down a ramp to find the Volcano Elevator. The Elevator allows access to the Upper Great Spyre.
  • Exit the Volcano Elevator in the central area of the Upper Great Spyre. The objective here is to activate the Crystal Stand, in the South area of the map, in order to unlock the door to The Crown of Fire, which is in the North area of the map. There are two ways to do this:
  1. Defeat the Gurtok Firebender, then enter Dragon's Maw in the West area of the map. From the North-West area of Dragon's Maw, follow the path down to another entrance to the Upper Great Spyre in the South-East.
  2. Defeat the Gurtok Piercer, then enter The Howling Cave in the East area of the map. From the North-West area of The Howling Cave, follow the path down to another entrance to the Upper Great Spyre in the South-East.
Find and activate the Crystal Stand along the South wall of the Upper Great Spyre to unlock the door to The Crown of Fire. The Crown of Fire entrance is North of the Volcano Elevator. (Before Fall 2010, three Crystal Stands were required to be activated at approximately the same time)
  • From the North area of The Crown of Fire, follow the path to a room with two groups of Decaying Blackguards. Each group is linked to the locked door and must be defeated to unlock it. (Before Fall 2010, two separate Decaying Blackguards had to be defeated at approximately the same time)
Go through the unlocked door and enter Malistair Drakes's room. Defeat the four Soul Servants, then watch the cutscene between Cyrus Drake, Sylvia Drake, and Malistaire Drake.
Finally, confront Malistaire.

The Gurtok Demons (in the Upper Great Spyre) drop Level 50 Athames & Rings
Tumok Gravelbeard (in the Dragon's Maw) drops level 50 Hats & Boots and a Pet
Malistaire Drake (in The Crown of Fire) drops Level 50 Robes


(Map) The Great Spyre.png(Map) The Great Spyre2.png
(Map) The Great Spyre3.png(Map) The Great Spyre4.png
(Map) The Great Spyre5.png(Map) The Great Spyre6.png

Connects To

Dragon's Roost

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