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Location:The Great Spyre

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(Location) The Crown of Fire.png

Dragonspyre - The Great Spyre (This is an Instance)

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The Great Spyre is the final instance in Dragonspyre and is a large dungeon which contains within it SIX mapped sublocations. The climactic fight with Malistaire is held in this instance.

This place is a source of most of the game's best drops to this point. The Gurtok Demons in The Great Spyre (Upper) drop Level 50 Rings and Athames, the boss Tumok Gravelbeard in the Dragon's Maw drops level 50 Hats and Boots and a high-level pet, and your final objective in the dungeon, Malistaire Drake drops Level 50 Robes in The Crown of Fire.

The sigil entry warns this instance takes about one and a half hours to complete. Inexperienced players may take longer.

Getting to Malistaire Drake:

Once he's defeated, Malistaire apologizes to Sylvia and says that he did all he could to free her from death. Sylvia says she's in a better place and takes Malistaire away with her. Cyrus returns and congratulates you on your bravery before opening a portal to Merle Ambrose's House, where Ambrose bestows on you the Savior of the Spiral badge and Cyrus Drake compliments you on your actions and skill.


The Great Spyre (Lower)
(Map) The Great Spyre2.png
The Great Spyre (Upper)
(Map) The Great Spyre4.png
(Map) The Great Spyre5.png
(Map) The Great Spyre6.png

Connects To

Dragon's Roost

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Fish Caught Here

No fish are reported here

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