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Location:Nemean Rock

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(Location) Nemean Rock.png

Zafaria - Savannah - Nemean Rock (This is an Instance)

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You enter this quest as part of the Top of the Rock Quest to save King Mansa and defeat his evil brother who has usurped the throne and cursed the area. The door entering this set of caves is known as the Tsavo Door.

The housing item Stone Lion Statue can be found here.

Map Location

(Map) Nemean Rock.png

Connects To


Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Horned Monkey Spider, Horned Monkey Spider
             Msizi Redband is trapped behind a spider web on the first level.
Level 2: Nergal the Burned Lion, Fire Lion Ravager
             Johanna Crowflyer and King Mansa are trapped here.


Reagents Harvested Here

No harvested Reagents are reported here

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

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