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(Location) Jotengard.png

Grizzleheim - Nastrond (This is an Instance)

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Once obtaining the quest Bones of the Earth, players will enter this final dungeon of Wintertusk (and Grizzleheim). In Nastrond, wizards must prevent The Coven from waking Ymir the Ice Titan and stop the coming of the Everwinter.

A Runestone from the quest Lore from a Stone, as well as a Trogg from the Zeke quest
The Troggs, can be found within this instance.

This instance is repeatable.


(Map) Nastrond.png

Connects To

Hrundle Fjord

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

No fish are reported here

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