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Location:Hallowe'en Master Tower

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(Location) Hallowe'en Master Tower.png

Wizard City - Ravenwood - Hallowe'en Master Tower (This is an Instance)

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During Hallowe'en, this tower appears on a floating island in Ravenwood where the Death School used to be. The sigil appears after speaking to Malorn Ashthorn during the quest Ghostly Spires. Two other sigils will also appear and Wizards may choose to enter any tower at any time. The towers are listed below in order of increasing difficulty:

Map Location

(Map) Hallowe'en Master Tower.png

Connects To


Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Bone Digger, Maiden of Hate
             If three or four wizards enter this floor, two Bone Diggers will be added.
Level 2: Soul Hunter, Bone Digger
             If three or four wizards enter this floor, two Bone Diggers will be added.
Level 3: Soul Hunter, Maiden of Hate
             If three or four wizards enter this floor, two Soul Hunters will be added.
Level 4: Soul Hunter, Bone Digger
             There are 12 Blue Wisps spread across the back of this room. They cannot be accessed until after the battle, and one disappears every 15 seconds during battle.
Level 5: Pumpkin Head, Skeletal Retainer
             If three or four wizards enter this floor, two Skeletal Retainers will be added.


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