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Location:Baddle of the Bands (Tier 3)

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(Location) Baddle of the Bands.png

Baddle of the Bands (Tier 3) (This is an Instance)

This instance gauntlet is accessed through the Baddle of the Bands housing item. The instance quest Baddle of the Bands activates upon entry. The health of the creatures to be defeated and the quest rewards vary based on the lowest level Wizard that enters, or the owner can set the difficulty level. Wizards who aren't friends with the owner of the dungeon cannot use the owner's Baddle of the Bands (Tier 3) while visiting during Castle Tours or Castle Games.

This page is for the level 40-59 version of the instance. You can see all the difficulty levels
at the Baddle of the Bands page.

Connects To

The inside of your house through the Baddle of the Bands.

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: King Thermidor

Level 2:

Motley Crew (Tier 3), Motley Crew (Tier 3),
Motley Crew (Tier 3), Motley Crew (Tier 3)

Level 3:

Dee Snidee (Tier 3), Twisted Kin (Tier 3),
Twisted Kin (Tier 3), Twisted Kin (Tier 3)

Level 4:

Cyn De Lobster (Tier 3), Goonie (Tier 3),
Goonie (Tier 3), Goonie (Tier 3)

Level 5: This floor contains Health wisps.

Level 6:

Patt Minotaur (Tier 3), Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 3),
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 3)
A Spiral Door (the exit).


Reagents Harvested Here

No harvested Reagents are reported here

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